Southern DC3, ZK AMY air-to-air

The Southern DC3 brief was for a quality “retro” design to makeover the aircraft with the minimum of effort and cost.

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Southern DC3 ZK-AMY, Martin Eadie,

As I had designed the logo for the Southern DC3 I extended my airline branding consultancy to correctly position the look of the aircraft type to fit its design-led brand strategy. The DC3 concept had to allow for the vertical stabiliser graphics to be variable, to adapt to future private aviation contracts, as a space being offered for sponsorship as part of the initial fund-raising drive and to generate on-going earnings.

Applying vinyl products to the aircraft

You don’t need special vinyl’s on aircraft types like the McDonnell Douglas DC3 as they fly below 13,000 feet and therefore the cabin is not pressurised, so the aircraft does not expand and contract as it breathes during compression and decompression.

The task of applying the vinyl product to the aircraft was carried out on a Saturday afternoon. As the signwriters and the rest of the crew involved were donating their time to apply the graphics it was a good idea for me to turn up with my camera to document the event. It was the sort of event that would make a good article in the SDC3 Trust newsletter.

Application temperature considerations

Southern DC3 ZK-AMY livery application, in the Hangar at Wigram

Brent and Raylene Brownlee coordinate the application of the two layers of vinyl, dark blue and metallic silver to the DC3 in precise register and to a seamlessly smooth standard of finish.

For the best fit and finish, and a speedy application job it is best to apply the vinyl graphics when the air temperature is between 10–35°C. To speed application in the cool hangar and ensure the smoothest fit and finish you can see Brent Brownlee uses a hand held heater in the application gallery. Brent and Raylene got stuck in and completed the application of the Southern DC3 name to both sides of the fuselage in about 90 minutes. Impressive!


Project name: Southern DC3 aircraft livery
Client (Industry):
 Southern DC3 Charitable Trust (Private Aviation, Travel & transportation)
Disciplines:  Digital illustration / Graphic design / Production oversight
Formats: Aircraft livery
Date: April 5, 2007


Design firm: Pionair Propellor Studio (Solo in-house creative designer)
Design and Art Direction: Shaun Waugh
Signage and vinyl product application: Brent Brownlee and colleague of Art Fetiche signage
Font credits: Raceway

©magentadot brands

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