Velocette Racing New Zealand organisation logo. Classic racing motorcycle enthusiasts organisation brand. ‘Coca-Cola’ style sloped and looped copperplate lettering in metallic gold on a black background, consistent with the historic livery of Velocette motorcycles. Brands for New Zealand / International organisations.The Burt Munro Challenge, Thursday 26–Sunday 29 November 2015. This portfolio is of 3 of the 6 events at the tenth anniversary Burt. The Bluff NZ Hill Climb Champs, Teretonga Circuit races and the Honda Invercargill Street races. Portfolios are sorted by Event and Race Programme class

Big Velo 500, Bill Biber, Bluff HIll Climb, Burt Munro Challenge, Flagstaff Road, Motupohue, New Zealand, NZ Hill Climb Champs, Rider 4, Velocette Big Velo 500

Bluff Hillclimb – Velos – Pre ‘63

The Burt Munro Pre ‘63 girder forks class features Phil Price’s collection of Classic Velocette racing machines, race-preppedand by Nic Thomson, and deftly ridden by Bill Biber, Cloud Craig-Smith, Chris Swallow and Phil Price.

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Bluff Hill, Bluff HIll Climb, Burt Munro Challenge, Classic Pre ‘82, Kevin Kinghan, Motupohue, New Zealand, NZ Hill Climb Champs, Rider 222, Suzuki GS1000S 1085

Bluff Hillclimb – Pre ‘82

This gallery contains start-to-finish sequences of shots of all the riders in Post Classic Pre ’82 Class from three vantage points, ascending Flagstaff Road, Bluff Hill.

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BSA Goldstar 500, Burt Munro Challenge, Chris Swallow, Classic Pre ‘63, Rider 32, Teretonga Circuit races

Teretonga Pre ‘63 & Pre ‘72

This gallery features 9 machines from two classes ranging from Bill James’ 1954 AJS 7R 350, to Paul Register’s 1972 Triton Norton Triumph 750, and Chris Swallow’s second of 3 rides at the Burt, the 1959 BSA Goldstar 500

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