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Design a beautiful logo & website for KittyCat Rehoming

Design eye appeal is only one factor in the logo design equation. A useful logo for KittyCat Rehoming Wairarapa requires concept, great execution, and most of all, clear thinking. For a logo to work well on the web it needs to be bold, clean, uncluttered and impressive.

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Supergraphic MTC Volvo FH12 makeover

MTC’s import Volvo FH12 truck is a handsome beast and it had a makeover and now she’s sweet, in fact she’s a real cherry! The air is thick with ideas in the MagentaDot Brands studio, design is a classic discipline of endless potential and this brief from MTC Equipment was generously thrown wide open.

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Convergence Dance Studios logo

This is a portfolio of my design development and conceptualising stage for a new logo for Convergence Dance Studios’ first website. I think of this as process as proof of concept. In analysing the logo drafts used in various draft layouts, in mock-ups in different contexts and categories, I try to fit my intuitive sense of the words and the client’s business to what I see.

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Heather’s helping hands’ business card, two colour, two-sided design.

Heather’s helping hands’ “right” logo

To design the right logo for a business is crucial irrespective of the firm’s size. A successful design may meet the goals set in your design brief, but a truly enviable iconic design must also be relevant, relevant, enduring, distinctive, adaptable—and for successful use in responsive web design, simple and bold are key criteria too.

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