Convergence Dance Studios logo

Working with the brief given and the legacy photo archive, I have developed a set of draft ideas for a new logo to be used for branding Convergence’s new studio and their first website design. This portfolio showcases the proposed logo presentation document and visuals of brand equities.

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Cover, handheld WindsorUrban logo design presentation document

WindsorUrban Logo Presentation

Introduction When commissioned to produce a business or product logo for the likes of Christchurch manufacturer of street lighting and urban furniture WindsorUrban I begin by researching the market niche, drawing rough thumbnails in my sketchbook and playing with type on the computer. The purpose is to visually and strategically explore a diverse set of […]

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Windsor Urban brand use document cover

WindsorUrban brand use guide

The brand use manual or corporate identity guide ensures the new WindsorUrban logo is applied correctly in every application where WindsorUrban is identified. The purpose of the brand manual is to enable and regulate a uniformity in the firm’s visual image.

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The attractive Terranova Tiling logo and business card. Illustrations send a powerful message. Using artwork to stir a specific feeling—in this case quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. A minimal but well crafted page layout is more professional than a flashy design poorly built.

Business cards

Business cards tell a story, they make a statement, they open doors, they connect and initiate conversations. Your business card must be an object of pride, it must convey a distinctive personality, and be something you are proud to hand over.

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Decima corporate style guide front cover. Brand use document, Graphic Standards guide.

Decima brand & identity system

Decima is a research company that makes world leading products from a new scientific platform. It is a leader in R&D creating health solutions for people of all ages. Its prime focus is to develop safe products for everyday use that strengthen our body’s immune response systems. The creative brief The clients named the company […]

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