Surface Active Retrospective exhibition poster. New Zealand Nature & Kiwiana t-shirts 1986—2021. A closeup portrait of Chrissie Terpstra and Shaun Waugh. Their heads are bursting through a big sheet of paper. To their right are four Surface Active t-shirt designs on ghosted short sleeve t-shirts.

This is the first retrospective dedicated to the works of the design pARTners behind Surface Active—The New Zealand Nature T-shirt Company—who mined their love of nature and of home, wonderful beautiful New Zealand.

Global store:
Use Code “PERFEC” for 5% off.
New Zealand store: Sale price, 10% discount store wide.

Whale tail, Kaikoura t-shirt
🛍 Global store 🛍 NZ based store

Paua t-shirt
🛍 Global store 🛍 NZ-based store

Spotted shags t-shirt
🛍 Global store 🛍 NZ-based store:

Jewelled gecko t-shirt
🛍 Global store 🛍 NZ-based store

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