Volvo excavator, Ripper mole ploughing, State Highway 1

Writing & Research: Technical

MTC equipment newsfeed

MTC Equipment are Chieftain Trailers’ New Zealand distribution, sales and service agent offering custom designed and made trailers direct from the Irish manufacturer to their New Zealand customers. Because of Chieftain’s commanding size in the European market MTC can offer the full line of types and models of trailers that set out on the comprehensive catalogue website I designed and built for them. The design and build of the website included writing and rewriting all the content including the details such as individual product specifications tables.

The research and writing of a set of featured blog or news feed items was also required, two of which required technical research and writing.

The MTC Equipment blog or newsfeed is displayed in the bottom frame of the homepage layout. The slider contains 5 marketing communications mini-adverts and the middle frame contains quick links to trailer category header pages.

List of TruLine Case Studies

Technical writing & research for TruLine Civil’s ongoing series of Case Studies. The Case Studies are broadly themed around TruLine’s unique civil engineering methodologies as applied to specific projects.

This is the list of case studies I have researched & written, photographed and videoed for Geoff Powell of TruLine Civil between 2006–2016.

Horizontal infrastructure

Pipes that form the water supply network, the wastewater or sewer network, and the stormwater drainage network. Links open in new browser tab.

01/ Stream Culvert under Embankment, Magdala Link.

02/ Trenchless Technology: Horizontal Directional Drilling – Akaroa Harbour Water Supply Reticulation Upgrade.

TruLine Civil excavating Barbadoes Street, new waste water main pipe lay, linear metre record setting day. Post quake horizontal infrastructure rebuild, central city Christchurch.

03/ Wastewater Main Upgrade Central Christchurch

04/ Blaketown Sewage Separation Scheme, Greymouth, Parts I and II

05/ Trenchless Technology: Mole Ploughing*

06/ Prestons Pressure Sewer

ICT Horizontal infrastructure

Fibre-optic cable laying to install Ultra Fast Broadband networks.

07/ Ultra-Fast Broadband Initiative Roll Out, Nelson. Hydraulic Excavation video.

08/ Project KAREN UFB Cable Lay. Port Underwood, Makikihi, Leith Valley.

Project KAREN (Kiwi Advanced Research and Education Network) links all New Zealand’s Tertiary and Crown Research Institutions via UFB from Auckland to Invercargill.

Volvo excavator, Ripper mole ploughing, State Highway 1

October 2010. Geoff Powell supervising the laying of Ultra Fast Broadband cable on SH1 near Makikihi. Part of Project KAREN (Kiwi Advanced Research and Education Network) linking all Tertiary and Crown Research Institutes.

Civil Structures

TruLine’s experience spans the professional disciplines of structural, civil and transport engineering in the assembly and building of bridges, streets, townscapes & landscapes – the substructures, superstructures and the horizontal infrastructure in-between.

09/ New Civil Structure: A Reinforced Earth® retaining wall, part of the Wigram–Magdala Link Highway upgrade, Christchurch.

10/ Arthurs Pass Bus Terminal siteworks.

11/ Akaroa Pole Retaining Walls.

12/ SH73 Arthurs Pass (Mingha Bluff realignment). Precast concrete box culvert installation beneath main trunk railway on Otira river bed.

TruLine Civil works against the clock to place a new 2.5m square culvert beneath the main trunk railway on bed of the Otira River, high in the Southern Alps near Arthurs Pass.

Land development

13/ Iveagh Bay Terraces | Lake Brunner.

14/ Punakaiki Resort site works.

15/ Mountainview Estates Westport.*

Roading Horizontal infrastructure

Roads, bridges, culverts including walls, roading structures and utility work not meeting the definition of vertical.

16/ Rocksaw Road Widening, Matiri Narrows near Murchison (Rocksaw road widening video).

17/ Maruia Highway resurfacing, Lewis Pass.

18/ Woolhouse Creek Bridge Replacement, West Coast Highway.*

19/ Rock Anchor & Drilled Pile Retaining Wall, Lewis Pass Highway.*

*Photographs from TruLine Archive

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Client: TruLine Civil
Category: Civil Engineering
Website Content management: MagentaDot Brands.
Web design, Web coding & CMS customisation: DMM [Dynamic Multipmedia] 
Disciplines: Brand and identity systems design, Technical writing, photography, icon design, digital illustration, Web content management

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Brand use guide – WindsorUrban

Setting brand standards that people will follow

WindsorUrban symbol and type logo greyscale iconThe brand use manual or corporate identity guide ensures the new WindsorUrban logo is applied correctly in every application where WindsorUrban is identified. The purpose of the brand manual is to enable and regulate a uniformity in the firm’s visual image. WindsorUrban aims to design and manufacture the “go to” product and service offering within their market niche, the brand that their customers think of first when they want urban furniture and street lighting. The guide’s basic job is to teach everyone who uses it, what the brand is and how to effectively implement it.

The things the WindsorUrban brand use guide includes:

  • An overview of the brand, including the history, personality and vision of the firm
  • Logo specifications and set of usage examples
  • The Typography / font palette
  • The colour palette, primary colour palette and secondary
  • Business stationery, letterhead and business card design specifications
  • Stationery specifications, Word document templates specifications
  • Image use specifications, including photography style
  • Apparel guidelines
  • Specifications for signage layouts for outdoor and indoor signage
  • Design layouts for product badging
  • Visual examples to support each rule (with examples of proper and improper use provided for clarity)

The combination of the logo symbol, visual system (typeface, colours, layout, imagery), and editorial tone has worked together on the catalogue website and in print publications to form a unique and cohesive message for the company.



Client: WindsorUrban: Lighting | Furniture
Category: Industrial engineering, Diversified industrial
Company renaming and rebranding: MagentaDot Brands
Logo Design: MagentaDot Brands
Disciplines: Brand and identity systems design, Digital illustration, Photography, Project management, Rename, Rebrand

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TruLine Civil Word document template

Formulating impressive tender bid documentation within a tight timeframe

The Tru-Line Civil rebrand’s good-looking corporate stationery system works hard and adapts easily. The design conforms to the world’s most popular business look. It is corporate—uncluttered, clean and impressive, while the dynamic illustrated logo sends a powerful message.

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MS Word tender bid document template

In addition to the full set of corporate stationery the simple design of the custom Word tender bid document delivers highly critical business-to-business information. This information is prescribed by client’s ‘Registration Of Interest’ and ‘Request For Tender’ (R.O.I. and R.F.T.) documents.

Typical track record spread. TruLine Civil Tender bid document

TruLine’s tender bids are illustrated with relevant documentary photography from the case study library of images that I am shooting.

Diligent research, collaborative teamwork, high standard of presentation

I do not come from a Civil Engineering background so collaborating with members of the team at TruLine, including the contract manager, engineers, site foremen, Quality Assurance, Health and Safety, Traffic Management, is an essential part of producing a great outcome. TruLine’s tender documents are read by industry professionals who read every word. While there is no need to “hook” the reader in, this audience is particularly discerning with an eye to accuracy of information and writing that has a high ratio of relevant insights to words. In order to write compelling content with every tender bid;

  1. conduct a learning programme relevant to the type of works involved in the tender,
  2. find out what the background is and what the drivers are for construction of the project, interviewing key personnel involved as required
  3. learn how the need for the civil works came about. The history in general, the funding sources for the works.

This due diligence conveys to TruLine’s client audience that they have a solid grasp of their objectives and project outcomes desired.

TruLine Civil tender bid document inside cover spread

To illustrate TruLine Civil’a mission statement opening spread I rendered a suitable, typical photocomposite of men and machines at work, traffic management in action on State Highway 1.

Document structure strictly bound by the client R.O.I. and R.F.T.

Key to composing impressive tender bid documents is to follow the lead clients set in the R.O.I.. Because the documents are formulated as a response to customer’s specifications they can be rather long, dense with text, charts, relevant imagery and tables. It follows that best practice dictates organising strictly according to the stipulated semantic structure, with particular emphasis on distinctive heading, body and table text styles. A key component of good long-form document design is that the textual information is very well presented.

Perspective M=montage of 9 sample pages of the TruLine Civil Tender bid document

A montage of 9 typical page layouts from a Truline tender bid documents.

Well crafted Typography

Generous linespacing, paragraph indents, luxury margins and strategic use of white space to ensure that the text flows like water from a tap, and the document is easily thumbed backwards and forwards through. Case studies, customer references, staff CVs, Excel spreadsheets and Gant charts are all integrated into the final bound documents according to the client prescribed scheme.

Consistent grid based layout and typography

The grid-based layout, consisted text size, alignment and numbering sequence sweeps the reader smoothly from front to back uninterrupted so they can relax and absorb the information they have requested. Should they need to jump and backtrack, the TOC (Table of Contents) and section tabs enable this to be achieved with ease. Professional photographs from the TruLine case study image library that I’ve built are appropriately placed and captioned. The typeface family used is sharply defined and “newsy” which makes it very well suited to laser printing. Relevant case study track record information on the TLC website is hyperlinked in the PDF. Final polish is added to the layouts with intelligent use of headers and footers that contain document meta information and the small but authoritative logo.

TruLine Civil tender bid document two key personnel CVs

A key personnel CV two page spread.

In-house printing, binding and finishing

For a neat corporate look the mirrored-page, single column, duplex layout is built on a four column grid to handle odd shapes and sizes of images. The duplex layout enables professional 2-sided printing on the in-house laser printer as the client R.O.I. often stipulate electronic as well as published and bound copies of tender bids be submitted. The tactile finishing touch to these professionally presented documents is the high production value, offset printed, laminated and embossed, A4 document covers and presentation folders.

Managing digital assets, maintaining high standards, meeting tight Deadlines

The structure and design of the document template, a well managed library of digital assets and a tried and true methodology of remote working with client collaborators enable me to bear the pressure and responsibility of composing documents under pressure that are consistently professional, and championing a production workflow that invariably runs smoothly and consistently meets or exceeds client expectations.

TruLine Civil, cover and inside spread of tender bid documents

The offset printed, matt laminated and blind embossed document “window” cover is trimmed down from the custom presentation folder with pocket used to house the entire tender bid presentation including appendices.


The opportunity to supply relevant addenda to the tender bids is often specifically invited. To that end several types of on-point custom addenda documents have been composed;

  • Individual Case Study documents
  • Key Personnel CVs
  • “Trenchless technology” overview and specification sheets of specialist TLC plant

The integrated brand Website design

The print design combines with the web to create a consistent brand presence. READ MORE

Tru-Line Civil website showcase.

Web showcase.


Disciplines: Brand and identity systems design / Corporate communications design / Digital Illustration / Photography / Print production / Typographic design / Word document template Client (Industry): Tru-Line Civil (Construction / Contracting) Format: Booklet / Brand identity system


Printer: Brightprint Ltd Design firm: MagentaDot Brands Art director / designer / photographer: Shaun Waugh Font credits: Vitesse, Vitesse Sans (Forza), Helvetica Neue, Helvetica Neue Condensed

©magentadot brands
Cover of Case Study: Horizontal Infrastructure 01, TruLine Logo

TruLine case study docs

The website Case Studies are published as pdf for inclusion in tender bid documents as required. The case studies are focussed on TruLine Civil’s methodologies as applied to specific contracts. Between 2008–11 this involved documentary location photography of completed projects from Punakaiki to Arthurs Pass. Since 2011 the project manager shifted up the priority going forward, to that of shooting methodologies being applied in selected works in progress. This open-ended project has progressively provided a high quality image library that covers the gamut of TruLine’s civil engineering strengths and capabilities.

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Case studies are the very best way to add credibility and showcase the breadth of TruLine’s civil works authority, expertise and innovation. Done right, the case studies have been providing the deciding evidence that customers need to get them over the line to engage TruLine’s services.

Inside spread of TruLine Case Study Parklands West sewage main case study.

Two-page spread of the TruLine case study on Parklands West gravity sewage main installation. This case study focussed on the “trenchless technology” of precision, horizontal drilling employed in the challenging conditions of a high water table. This entailed drilling into fully saturated running sand at the depths of 2–6m the pipeline was being laid into. The level of precision was within 2mm vertically over each 100 linear metres.

Why are case studies so beneficial for civil engineering firms, and how do we know we’re doing it right?

Case studies are of particular importance in the competitive field of civil engineering as the success of TruLine’s projects is based around accurate analysis, problem solving from experience and innovating with creative solutions that save the client time, materials and money.

Civil engineering clients are best shown as well as told about real-world examples of how TruLine has engineered solutions for people just like them. My professional photography, video and infographics of men and machines at work makes a real impression. Work in progress along with completed project photos enables the different stories to be written in a way that allows clients to quickly understand how TruLine is able to deliver and exceed expectations on their project goals.

The assistant crane operator engaged in precision placement of a reinforced concrete box culvert section. The box section was being installed by TruLine Civil beneath the main trunk railway, on the riverbed of the Bealey River, near Arthurs Pass in the South Island of New Zealand.

Collaboratively made Case studies produce great outcomes

Clients want to see documentary evidence of TruLine’s cutting edge abilities. We achieved this by using a variety of case studies that outline different skill sets, each of them I have diligently researched and written, conducting my own learning programmes relating to each project. This approach has resulted in stories that allow TruLine’s clients to quickly understand just how they are able to be of use to them in achieving their own project goals.

TruLine’s case studies are web content that confers considerable marketing advantage.



Client: TruLine Civil
Category: Civil Engineering
Website content management: MagentaDot Brands.
Web design, Web coding & CMS customisation: DMM [Dynamic Multipmedia] 
Disciplines: Brand and identity systems design, Technical writing, photography, icon design, digital illustration, Web content management

TruLine Key Personnel CV document, front cover.

TruLine key personnel CVs

Tru-Line Civil Logo. Brands for New Zealand companies, Greymouth, New Zealand.A set of key personnel and management team CV documents have been prepared for the purposes of adding to tender bid documents in the appendices. They may also be integrated into the bid document proper depending on the specifications set out in the client request for information. The key personnel custom Word document template allows for the individual CVs to be recombined and re-ordered by the client on an ad-hoc basis then published in-house to suit the specific requirements of each tender bid.

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Disciplines: Brand and identity systems design / Corporate communications design  / Photography / Word document template
Client (Industry): Tru-Line Civil (Construction / Contracting)
Format: Booklet / Brand identity system


Printer:  Tru-Line Civil
Design firm:
 MagentaDot Brands
Designer / photographer: Shaun Waugh

©magentadot brands

TruLine Capabilities Profile document, Pavement Construction front cover.

TruLine Capabilities Profiles

Resource documents produced to convey TruLine’s track record in terms of specialist skills, resources and leading edge technologies

To formulate impressive documentation for Tru-Line Civil within tight timeframes a collection of resource documents has been developed to compliment the Case Studies. They are created using a custom Word document template and included with TruLine’s tender bid documents as required, along with relevant case study documents and key personnel CVs.

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Capabilities Profile documents are a category of documents developed with TruLine which focus on the theme of the firm’s specialist areas of expertise, extensive experience and specialist plant. They encompass a precis of the knowledge and experience of operators, site managers and the management team as well as descriptions of the standard operating procedures, tables and/or specification sheets for relevant plant and resources owned by TruLine Civil. To date two documents covering two related “Trenchless Technologies” have been produced, one covers Horizontal Drilling and Hydro-Excavation, while the second covers Pavement resurfacing and Construction. Both of those documents are featured in this portfolio.

TruLine Capabilities Profile document, Horizontal Directional Drilling Methodology 9 page montage.

This montage shows a set of sample pages from the custom Word template document created for TruLine’s Capabilites Profiles. The high quality images of the TruLine’s methodologies and resources were sourced from the extensive library of photographs I have shot for them since 2008.

Two minute Hydro-Excavation methodology video

In support of the Trenchless Technologies print documents and the Case Studies section of the TruLine Civil website I was also commissioned to shoot and edit a two minute video clip of the resources and methods used for Hydo-Excavation in Christchurch city when installing the ultra-fast fibre network to businesses downtown.

Practical and cost effective work methods using state-of-the-art plant

TruLine have built their business on being trustworthy contractors with a solid base of repeat clients. These documents record how they have a pattern of working closely with their clients to develop practical and cost effective methodologies for each contract.


Disciplines: Brand and identity systems design / Corporate communications design  / Photography / Videography / Word document template
Client (Industry): Tru-Line Civil (Construction / Contracting)
Format: Booklet / Brand identity system


Printer:  Tru-Line Civil
Design firm:
 MagentaDot Brands
Designer / photographer: Shaun Waugh
Videography: Thomas Rands / Shaun Waugh

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