Three friends wearing Surface Active New Zealand nature t-shirts pose for a selfie beside New Brighton pier. Left to right the designs are Adelie penguins, paua and red-billed gull.

November 2021
Dear Surface Dweller,

We’re excited to announce our two online retail stores, the Surface Active global store and the brand new New Zealand-based store! To celebrate this significant stage in the development of our clothing brand we are rewarding our customers with a discount offer.

🛍 NZ-based store
🛍 Global store: Use code: “PERFEC” for 5% off your purchase, storewide.

Global store links: Adelie penguins, Jewelled gecko, and Kiwi iconic, light colour variant and the Treefern t-shirt, all-over printed.
NZ-based store links: Adelie penguins, Jewelled gecko, and Dolphins leaping, Kaikoura.

Actively yours,

Shaun Waugh (boss),

Chrissie Terpstra (bossier)

a woman in an Adelie penguin white t-shirt with her all over her face

Noisy, stinky & aggressive in reality but ain’t they cute? This design is a chuckle with penguins coming towards you on the front of the shirt and heading away from you on the back. By the magic of art the white cotton of a plain teeshirt is transformed into Antarctic sea ice so this design is available on white only. The design captures a moment when this group of Adelies were heading to the Ross Sea to feed when suddenly a leopard seal hauled up on the edge of the pack ice on the shore right in front of them. This all-over printed unisex Adelie penguins t-shirt design is only available at the global store.

🛍 Adelie penguins t-shirt, global store: Women’s Classic Tee, Premium unisex tee, Kids Premium Tee, Baby Premium Onesie.
USE CODE: “PERFEC” for 5% off your Global store purchase.

🛍 NZ-based store: Womens Maple Tee, Mens Block T-shirt, Kids Youth T-shirt, Mini-me Onesie.

This imagery tells a tale of a dramatic before and after scene that unfolded when this formation of hungry Adelie penguins hesitated near the edge of the Antarctic sea ice, then they were suddenly faced with a leopard seal on the prowl in the waters just below.

This Adelie penguin all-over print, is available here.


Design firm: Surface Active
Art direction: Design pARTners, Chrissie Terpstra and Shaun Waugh
Client: Surface Active
Graphic designer: Shaun Waugh

©magentadot brands

2009–Present MagentaDot Brands, Apparel, Consumer products, Design & architecture, Digital illustration, Fashion, Fauna, Illustration, Originate brand name, Printing & publishing, Retail, Screenprinting, Surface Active, T-Shirt print
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  1. Great design there guys. I am new to WordPress. I followed you and I would really appreciate a follow back. Here is what I do: I seek to empower women to find their inner queen. Lots of content is coming soon. I might also come out with merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, phone cases etc in the future with empowering messages on them. However for now, I am just focused on empowering women with information. I look forward to supporting your content.


    • Thanks for your review and kind comments. Will follow back. Apologies for the long delay in responding. Since April I have been single-mindedly focussed on launching the Surface Active store properly, with a good range of our designs on apparel and homewares. Which I have just completed today. You can read more about that in my latest blog post. Your idea to develop a storefront with merchandise is a good one, I wish you the best of luck with that venture.



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