Orana Park Chapman’s Zebra screen prints on front and back of a navy T-shirt

Comp winner: Orana Wildlife Park T-shirts

Celebrating a Christchurch wildlife conservation success story: Orana Park’s exotic species top five

The retail market of the garment trade is tough, for an open range zoo like Orana Park, with one foot in the quality recreational experience sector and the other in the tourism sector, trading is highly seasonal. The competition for the customer’s discretionary spending dollar and the fact the park is a charitable trust that generates 95% of its income from gate takings and their ‘Trading Post’, demanded that the very best way of developing the Park’s new T-shirt range be used be used for this custom T-shirt design and print project.

Inspiring and educational: Wildlife art-to-wear plays a constructive role in education and conservation advocacy

Christchurch has an international quality zoo that is testament to the amazing foresight of the founders. Over its four decades of operation since 1976 Orana Park has had notable success in the conservation of both native and exotic endangered species. The park participates in 23 zoo-based breeding programmes, over the years it is African megafauna; cheetah, scimitar-horned oryx, white rhinoceros, Chapman’s zebra and Rothschild’s giraffe that have been its headline exotic successes. The challenge had a kick-start as the client was familiar with our native New Zealand flora and fauna and International Antarctica Centre wildlife art T-shirt design successes. So design pARTner Chrissie Terpstra and I were able to go ahead with the confidence and clarity that our proven design research and development process could proceed to originate a set of highly finished visuals of seven designs for client presentation and approval.

The shirt front lets the picture tell the story as a wildlife artwork, uncluttered with type, while the complementary print on the back of the shirt showcases the new Orana Park branding and tells the conservation story. The presentation visuals of the T-shirt designs I rendered with magic markers. What can be visualised can be developed into hand-separated three or four colour finished artwork.

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Poster Mr Fungus International Comic Mime

Fungustic slaprobatics: a poster for Mr Fungus

A poster for New Zealand‘s loudest mime

After training in London at the Desmond Jones School of Mime and earning a living on the competitive streets of Covent Garden and at various international busking festivals, at age 25 Fergus returned to New Zealand to work full time as an entertainer. He needed a logo and self-promotional publicity kit to enable him to market himself and provide to talent agencies. This poster is a photo montage produced using old school paste up and photolitho methods. Inverting the chair handstand ‘fungustic slaprobatic’ trick into a free-falling Mr Fungus was to play with the audience with a sort of Irish parachute sight gag, and making a poster that could be hung “correctly” upside down and still not make sense.
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Agrimm trichoprotection, Vinevax, Pruning wound dressing, a5 landscape, brochure,

Trichoseal-spray: pruning wound dressing makeover

Vinevax_logo_radiused_256pxMore compelling design doesn’t mean prettier, or more arty. By more compelling I mean richer, more complete, better because it is more efficient, better because it is attractive in useful ways. The design of Vinevax’s new brand collateral isn’t merely about their product looking better on the shelf, but actually functioning better as an advertisement for itself in a competitive retail environment. The design has to do with the work of increasing sales by making Vinevax’s packaging beautiful and clear.

It’s exciting.
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