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Pionair Unparalleled Journey’s “Affluent Travel” Agency toolkit. Ringbinder of agent information.

UPJ “Affluent Travel” kit

Pionair was also a “best-in-class” inbound wholesale travel operator to the world’s finest destinations in the Oceania region. The Pionair travel department had a group focussed on designing, marketing and operating escorted group air tours and a Free Inboard Travel, Unparalleled Journeys (UPJ) “affluent travel” group whose clientele was high-end travel agents in the U.S. and internationally.

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WindsorUrban custom Microsoft Word quote template document.

WindsorUrban Word template

The chief benefit of the WindsorUrban rebrand is that the company’s vision and personality in the area of print graphics and the WindsorUrban website now has the same voice, accurately reflecting the company’s personality and supporting the sales and marketing team.

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TruLine Capabilities Profile document, Pavement Construction front cover.

Capabilities profile documents

To formulate impressive documentation for Tru-Line Civil within tight timeframes a collection of resource documents has been developed to compliment the Case Studies. They are included as required in the appendices of tender bids along with relevant case study documents.

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TruLine Key Personnel CV document, front cover.

Key personnel CVs

A set of key personnel and management team CV documents have been published which can be recombined and published as required on and ad-hoc basis for inclusion in the addenda of tender bid documents.

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TruLine Civil, pair of tender bid documents

Tru-Line Word template

Formulating impressive documentation within a tight timeframe. The Tru-Line Civil rebrand’s good-looking corporate stationery system works hard and adapts easily. The design conforms to the world’s most popular business look. It is corporate—uncluttered, clean and impressive, while the dynamic illustrated logo sends a powerful message.

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