Cover WindsorUrban logo design presentation document.

WindsorUrban Logo Presentation

Introduction When commissioned to produce a business or product logo for the likes of Christchurch manufacturer of street lighting and urban furniture WindsorUrban I begin by researching the market niche, drawing rough thumbnails in my sketchbook and playing with type on the computer. The purpose is to visually and strategically explore a diverse set of […]

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Synchronised with Deborah printing the second colour, dark green, Chrissie prints the third colour orange. Because the area of these prints is small the dark green colour does not present the problem of adhering to bottom of the following orange stencil.

Jewelled gecko screenprint

1995 documentary shoot of our Surface Active ‘Art-to-Wear’ auto design and printmaking workflow Surface Active was an auto-printmaking, craft and design partnership established in 1986 by Chrissie Terpstra and Shaun Waugh. Between 1986–2002 they were committed to producing original & indigenous designs of the highest design and screenprinting standards, providing a more interesting and beautiful product than your average tee—wearable art […]

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Pionair Australia Convair CV580 VH-PDV with it’s fresh new fluid livery

Case study: Pionair private aviation

‘Pionair aviation’ is the first of two case studies about my six year professional involvement with Pionair. Commencing late 2004, my role as in-house creative designer at Pionair was to serve the marketing communications needs of all Pionair’s travel and aviation business groups, in print and on the web, on both sides of the Tasman—and also the two recently established marketing departments at Wigram airfield and Sydney Bankstown airport.

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