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Welcome to my design portfolio archive. It is very much a work in progress.

Selected archive projects

Absolute-Proof website 1998 launch design

Absolute-Proof launch website 1998

Absolute Proof | Digital proofing resolved. Best-in-class colour-managed workflow hub and digital proofing software solution, launched in 1998, this was the first iteration of the web design timed for the product launch just prior to Drupa in Dusseldorf that year.

BabyBliss nursery furniture collection A5, bifold landscape brochure

BabyBliss rebrand & brochure makeover

To design a brochure that sells, the key is simple: Keep all eyes on the product. Many people are not in the market for nursery furniture. The way to profits is to visualise those who are interested and present your nursery furniture to them.

Antarctic Centre Adelies on ice Antarctica design on a white and a dark blue T-shirt

Cool T-shirts for Antarctica

Surface Active design pARTners’ good art achieves standout 1991 competition win.

Da Vinci rebrand: software brochures

Pleasing design needs no apology, even in technical publications. Artistic expression can be placed on the same level as informational expressional.

Pionair Australia, Classic DC3 aviation, Sydney & Beyond, 8-panel, gate-fold, DLE tourism brochure

DC3 flightseeing brochure

Why is striving to make something look better worthy toil? There are benefits to clarity, ease of understanding for busy people justifies hours in production.

DC3 Golden Era advertising

Desktop publishing as in-house designer for Pionair was a path of discovery.

Events Management Group branding

EMG was a Christchurch event management firm established to support the performing arts and to project manage the creation and development of large and small scale events.

Ker & Downey affluent travel brochure

In 2005 Pionair embarked on a JV with US affluent travel firm Ker & Downey.

Logo in the sky: Pionair

Working for Pionair my strength at creating powerful brands that flow across all print and web media as well as hands-on skills with 3D objects and sign graphics was put to good use.

Southern DC3, ZK AMY air-to-air. Gavin Conroy.

Logo in the sky: Southern DC3

This is how the Southern DC3’s streamlined moderne livery was applied to the reigning Hangar Queen of Wigram ZK-AMY

Verso of Mr Fungus business card

Mr Fungus logo & identity system

Good design must be purposeful. The project kicked off with brief for a logo, business card and poster. The solution was to design his two-sided card as two small posters to make a big impression at close range.

MyoPace EMG brochure

MyoPace: EMG equipment for Physio & Occupational Health Pros. The brief was for a Hi tech product brochure makeover.

Pionair website, Tailormade Travel page, Uluru adventure photo centre, Pionair Cargo page to the left, Destinations page to the right.

Pionair N.Z. & Australia websites

The Australian & New Zealand firms had two websites side-by-side,, and which I designed and maintained 2003–2009. In 2008 a new “affluent trave/air cargo/air charter” themed redesign for both websites was briefed.

Pomeroy’s Press newsletter front page, masthead, leading article, Pomeroy’s family greeting, photo of Steve and Victoria Pomeroy.

Pomeroy’s pub newsletter

THE QUARTERLY POMEROY’S Old Brewery Inn and restaurant newsletter had a name inspired by their brand, “The Pomeroy’s Press”, it was designed and laid out with a look that made the news.

Pride in print gold 1995

The set of brand new Craig Fletcher Art fully sculpturally embossed and match printed greeting cards were awarded New Zealand’s best of the best print award.

Spirit of Papua New Guinea launch brochure. Direct mail campaign to Pionair database and agents. One of three tour packages promoted in the Pionair Group Travel direct mail campaign.

Spirit of Papua New Guinea brochure

One of three “Hidden Gems” brochures forming a 2009 direct mail campaign to Pionair’s past traveller database and affluent travel agents in the U.S.

Surface Active made in Aotearoa, T-shirts main neck label.

Surface Active: Making waves in a sea of sameness

Wildlife art teeshirts take the walking billboard concept one step further when people feel the shirt says something about themselves—which is the essence of fashion.

Herb Centre business card hand-held

The Herb Centre logo: the dance of art & type

One is hand drawn and the other is bought, I got them separately, but art and type are two sides of the same coin—there is magic in making them work together!