Absolute-Proof website 1998 launch design

Absolute-Proof | Digital Proofing Resolved | – The 1998 product, website and brand launch


Best-in-class colour-managed workflow hub / digital proofing software solution, brainchild of brilliant friend pre-press professional Hjórtur Kristínsson, named by me ‘Absolute-Proof ’, launched in 1998, this was the first iteration of the web design I designed for the product launch. The launch was aligned with Hugo showing at the Drupa print fair in Dusseldorf that year. The AbsoluteProof website was developed in collaboration with a web design firm in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Absolute-Proof website 2008 redesign

Absolute-Proof 2008 website makeover



Web designer: Shaun Waugh
Technical writing: Hugo Kristinnson and Shaun Waugh
Web Design firm, front end:
MagentaDot Brands
Web coding, site build: Client contact, Reykjavik, Iceland


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