The Arts Centre Market of Christchurch logoIllustration and graphic design, made well in Christchurch New Zealand, effectively connects our international clientele with global customer markets. Whether it is part of a graphic design project for a client in Christchurch New Zealand with a local market—or with customers in Australia, the USA, Europe and Asia. Good illustrative design and infographics will always communicate clearly across language and cultural barriers […] READ MORE

‘Paua Aotearoa’, adults and kids T-shirt, four colour print on navy and black fabric.

T-shirts in the spirit of fun

SurfaceActive Tees, making waves in a sea of sameness. As design pARTners in the visual arts Chrissie Terpstra and I sought to apply our teeshirt design skills to everything from promoting small businesses and one-time events, to our Surface Active art-to-wear wildlife, Kiwiana and nuclear free collections for the likes of Wild Places and The Epicentre, Christchurch’s two ecostores, and for Greenpeace and the Maruia Society.

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Jewelled gecko serigraph

From our studio in Christchurch, New Zealand we produced original & indigenous wildlife art designs of the highest design and screenprinting standards, multi-layered, multi-colour artwork providing a more interesting and beautiful product than your average tee—wearable art that celebrates the unique assets of New Zealand that retailed in stores, Craft shows and Markets, and by way of our own direct mail catalogues from North Cape to Bluff and around the world.

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Convair CV580 Cabin Safety Instructions Card, front cover, hand-held


Illustration beats explanation Illustration provides an overall impression of what an object is or does, how a process flows or functions, or to map or chart information with the aim of immediately engaging the viewer’s interest and understanding, and being memorable. Information graphics or infographics are graphic visuals that represent data, information, processes, or knowledge […]

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