Auto Restorations website after redesign. Skilled workforce page interactive mosaic of employees.

Energise an image heavy website

Energise an image-heavy website by design Established in 1973, Christchurch’s Auto Restorations has a story to tell. Every year it must mobilise new car restoration projects. To do this it relies on existing clientele, affluent, discerning people who might already know of the company by word of mouth, prestigious Concours D‘Elegance ‘First In Class’ wins, the […]

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Before & Aftereffects

A picture is worth a thousand words but a good-looking picture is worth much more. The use of poor images for your promotions should be avoided. Being concerned with maximising quality whether for reasons of pride if nothing else, is beside the point, because in the end everybody wants their pictures to look good on the web and in print.

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