Hello, my name is Shaun Waugh and I have designed a lot of good websites, logos, print.

Working from Christchurch in New Zealand, MagentaDot Brands is my independent design consultancy that creates successful brands based on universal design principles. My approach is based on a strategic, well researched methodology and delivers corporate identities that will still be suitable years from now.

Also, since the 80s, I have worked along with my design pARTner, Chrissie Terpstra, on our clothing brand Surface Active—the New Zealand Nature T-shirt Company. From 1986–2002 we hand screen-printed t-shirts for men, women and kids. Now, post 2020 lockdown, you can shop for our wildlife t-shirts at our international online retail store, SurfaceActive.NZ, or our New Zealand-based store. Now it’s summer you can shop at our New Brighton Seaside Market stall every Saturday in the New Brighton mall, or check out our shirts at our local t-shirt printer and retail store, Pier People, 103 Seaview Road New Brighton (Tuesday—Sunday). You can also view our original art prints and clothing at our exhibition at The Creatives Edit—The New Brighton Art and Craft Collective, 105 New Brighton Mall (Monday–Saturday), and the Brighton Gallery in Carnaby Lane, New Brighton Mall. Browse here to view our large format original prints.

Magentadot Brands’ studio interior view.

Studio overview

I build brands. With a well suited identity, an attractive and useful website, your business is in a position to better connect with your clients. Since 2009, MagentaDot Brands has offered a full range of branding services within a highly transparent production workflow. My classic graphic design and advertising background has honed my skills working for diverse clients, large and small, in New Zealand and abroad.

My methodology

I support businesses in their outgoing marketing communications needs. My method is based on researching their current status and that of their market. From an informed objective grounding, backed by relevant facts, the essential qualities that will strengthen their branding are defined.

Whether yours is an established firm looking to reposition your logo design or a start–up in need of a company name, logo and website to launch your business, I can help. By listening to clients and striving to understand their business and their customer’s needs, creative solutions are developed, followed by consulting on how they will be useful. My pride is in delivering desired results to clients and exceeding expectations.

The power of visual communication is the ability to…

Talk less.

Although I’ve worked on many high-profile projects, I strive to give equal attention to the more commonplace assignments and small business clients. This is the visual minutiae—the directional signs, capabilities brochures, websites, product packaging, corporate collateral, After almost 40 years of practice, I am still excited by that challenge and the possibilities each new project presents.

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Craftsmanship says quality

Craftsmanship is attention to detail. Well-crafted design is more professional and that is achieved by attending to the fit and finish of the work to make it beautiful as well as useful. Approaching every design project with humility is paramount, I don’t pretend to know what I don’t know about a client’s business. This approach means the creative work emerges from the project brief, not preconceived ideas, and that makes each design tailored to meet customer needs and the process of origination mutually enjoyable.


TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN I was given Shaun Waugh’s name by a mutual acquaintance who knew I was looking for someone to create a new web site for Auto Restorations Ltd, the company of which I had recently become general manager. I had worked as a foreman in the company for 20-odd years and […]

Auto Restorations Concours award winners form the background of this informal portrait of Allan Wylie, managing director, reception area, Auto Restorations.

“AS YOU KNOW we are extremely happy with the whole makeover project and the end results and continue to receive many direct compliments and endorsements for the new look. The “Kiwi Gothic” image of Sally and I is also continuing to gather recognition from both the Yellow pages and the exterior signage. We are looking […]

Client praise Silver Cloud, 100% Blue Agave Spirit, Terry Knight

“AGAIN, I CAN’T THANK YOU enough for your hard work you put towards my project/website. The outcome is very professional and the feedback so far had been wow !!! from a lot of people. Looking forward to load a lot more to the site in the future. I even catch myself how I surf the […]

Terranova Tiling Terranova tiling website Laptop mockup of a cascade of 5 pages with the Homepage at the top of the stack.

SHAUN IS EXPERIENCED AND SKILLED in both graphic design and artwork and in research and writing particularly with regard to tender bid document presentation and the Civil Engineering Case Studies on our TruLine Civil website. We have found all of this very valuable when preparing our Expression of Interest and Civil Engineering tender bid documents. […]

TruLine Civil TruLine Civil. On-the-job portraits; Geoff Powell.