Silver Cloud, 100% Blue Agave Spirit, Terry Knight

“As you know we are extremely happy with the whole makeover project and the end results and continue to receive many direct compliments and endorsements for the new look. The “Kiwi Gothic” image of Sally and I is also continuing to gather recognition from both the Yellow pages and the exterior signage. We are looking forward with anticipation to developing with you the next stage.’
—Duncan and Sally Drummond

“Thank you for understanding our needs for building a wonderful website for our patients.”
—Doctors on Luckens

“…OMG it looks absolutely fantastic.
…I’m very happy.
Its crisp, its clear and very balanced.
All details and image choice and fine tuning can be done once I’m back in NZ, as discussed .
Fantasic job…”
—Terranova Tiling

Image of Doctor Goh with name badge

Dr Fred Goh.

“Thanks for the extra help, we really appreciate your time and effort.”
—Doctors on Luckens

“Thanks again for your thoughtfulness and kindness. Its already a great site so far!”

“Really appreciate your help with the website.”

“…Thank you for the great work you guys have done.”

“…Thanks for all the hard work work on the interactive form. The interactive PDF is excellent, it looks good and works on Adobe Acrobat.”
—Doctors on Luckens

Terranova tiling | New identity, web design

“Again, I can’t thank you enough for your hard work you put towards my project / website .
The outcome is very professional and the feedback so far had been wow !!! from a lot of people. Looking forward to load a lot more to the site in the future.
I even catch myself how I surf the internet now and go to some other tilers /builders/other websites and think I have got a way better one.
My one got created by Magentadot”

Silver Cloud packaging

Two bottles of Silver Cloud at the Nelson launch event.

—Kiwi Spirit New Zealand“Our drive is for quality, this is why Shaun we are working with you.”
—Kiwi Spirit New Zealand

“You have done some of your best work…”

“…you are amazing Shaun and all communication with us, or we’ve been CC’D in is great. And interesting reading as well. You are the driver of this rocket and we are in your hands. So from us a big thumbs up on all fronts young man.”

“Thanks so much for all the effort and focus at your end, looking forward to seeing you this weekend.”
—Kiwi Spirit New Zealand

White KittyCat Rehoming image.

White KittyCat Rehoming slider image.

“Hi Shaun,Thanks so much for the new versions you’ve sent through, and really appreciate your thoughts and comments.”
—KittyCat Rehoming, Wairarapa

“We like the “cool for cats” positioning statement as it is fun and thats what we wanted for our site.”

“Thanks Shaun – I think it’s pretty cool for cats in Wairarapa KittyKat Rehoming is getting a website, and I couldn’t be happier with the logo – its fabulous!”

“I think we’re nearly there with this logo – it really does say everything in a snapshot about what we do.”

“I couldn’t be happier with the logo—its fabulous!”

“Hi Shaun, It looks truly amazing – the huge cat pics when you open up is incredible – I was quite taken aback when it opened up! And the available for adoptions layout on each page looks so attractive as well, with the pic of the cat being really large – most galleries of cats the pic is much smaller. And the copy layout looks great. It certainly has the WOW! factor. I couldn’t be happier with it – its really one out of the box and will make KittyCat Rehoming stand out. Thankyou so much – you’ve exceeded my expectations!”

“Hi Guys – I agree with Lee’s comments – great stuff – many thanks Shaun.”

“I really like what you’ve done with the cats pics – it looks so much better with the background blurred out.”
—KittyCat Rehoming, Wairarapa

Isle of Man Classic T.T. Junior Race. Bill Swallow tipping into The Creg aboard Eldee 2, 26 August. A2 Landscape Poster. Photo Credit: Dave Kneen

“This I think is a fantastic idea with thoughts of thanking, closing off, and looking forward to activities this year.”
—Velocette Racing New Zealand“All looking good, like Chris my money is on the landscape version… Feeling very lucky on behalf of us all to have your ongoing enthusiasm.”
—Velocette Racing New Zealand

“just had a good read through the new post—simply excellent, you have achieved all we set out to do with this round up of the activity. The links and cross referencing…”
—Velocette Racing New Zealand

“Photos look great Shaun”
—Velocette Racing New Zealand

“Shaun. Thanks on behalf of team Velo for your work here, very good, and exciting!”
—Velocette Racing New Zealand

“Wonderful, informative website.”
—Graham Lay, Velocette Racing New Zealand follower

Dodo. Kinetic sculpture by Phil Price.

Dodo at Tallagandra.

“Speaking of photos I am enjoying going through all the sculpture images and doing a bit of housekeeping along the way. Especially enjoying the quality of your images, in a perfect world all would be of this calibre, some pieces like the dodo its very hard to make a choice as I’m spoiled with it.”
—Phil Price Sculpture