This quality family doctor’s website for his brand new general practice in multi-cultural West Auckland features the key selections of the practice’s specialities. The website content is in complete alignment with local District Health Board and nationwide Health department public health programmes and initiatives.

The content of the site is structured with the underlying principle in mind to better help Dr Fred’s patients. That public service goal is absolutely number one, with user friendly features like online new patient registration, the ability to initiate the setting of appointments, and multilingual translation one click away across all internet portals.

The site is not merely beautiful, the articles written by Dr Fred are humane, friendly and encouraging gateways to the practice website. As part of our web design service I collaborated with Dr Fred to write the bulk of the content about Doctors on Luckens services that align with the DHB and Health department’s baseline public health requirements for general practices.

Doctors on Luckens website supports the growth of Dr Fred’s new practice and stand out in a competitive West Auckland market.

Call us to find out how we can help you take your practice to the next level.

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Web design/project management: MagentaDot Brands
Website content writing: Client/MagentaDot Brands collab.
Content upload/site content management:MagentaDot Brands
Back-end support, front-end collab., project management support: nuweb designs

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