Pomeroy’s Press newsletter front page, masthead, leading article, Pomeroy’s family greeting, photo of Steve and Victoria Pomeroy.

Pomeroy’s pub newsletter

The restrained look for Pomeroy’s English style pub newsletter is pure news


THE QUARTERLY POMEROY’S Old Brewery Inn and restaurant newsletter had a name inspired by their brand, “The Pomeroy’s Press”, it was well edited by Chrissie Terpstra who was also chief reporter between 2005–2010 and was designed and laid out with a look that made the news.

The secret of The Pomeroy’s Press is attention to detail in terms of the classic newspaper look, visual hierarchy, placement, spacing and being laid out in cooperation with the editor makes The Pom’s Press newsletter look designed. Its layout is designed to impart the news quickly and sequentially. When pairing the name with a typefont for the masthead I chose the classic look of Goudy Oldstyle. I paired that with Goudy Sans and a heavy Grotesque sans serif for story headings, banners, accents and dropcaps for a newsy look. For the body text classic Goudy Oldstyle light, set tight with a moderate amount of leading gives the look of a dense “read” typical of the newspaper style. Heavy top rules and half-point rules were used between vertical columns, heavier horizontal rules between stories and to “finish” the bottom of the page.

Wild Blue - Pomeroys Pub ‘No Beer Too Far’ logo for their L.R.D.G (Long Range Drinking Group)Adding to the dense structure are good photos, custom illustration, and simple straightforward photocomposites that kept the graphic focus in the newsletter on information, making the stories approachable to the reader and on pro-social fun!

The publication was offset printed in two colours, red and black, and the images were all given a slick duotone treatment to add a little pizazz.

The Pomeroy’s Press issues 18-19, 2008.

The Pomeroy’s Press issues 18 and 19, 2008.

To ensure a seamless experience uniting print and web and to drive customer engagement with their pub website, the content created for The Pomeroy’s Press was used to update the site content to coincide with the newsletter publication every quarter. Victoria’s kitchen seasonal menu, the wine list, craft beer list, calendar of upcoming events, photo galleries of recent events plus selected vividly written stories about local personalities and Pom’s staff were cherrypicked to share. An optimised PDF of each issue of Pom’s Press was also uploaded. Presenting a connected experience to Pom’s customers positively affected the perception of their brand and through a consistent effort over five years created a competitive advantage. MagentaDot Brands helped Pomeroy’s to develop, manage and deliver a contextually relevant and connected experience for customers, creating a unified experience across print & web touch points.

Pomeroy’s Press newsletter front page, masthead, leading article, Pomeroy’s family greeting and list of contents.

Pomeroy’s O.B.I. is a real family owned and operated community based pub

Pomeroy’s is still family-owned and operated, and they pride themselves on being a real community-based pub. Pom’s is comfortable and the locals are friendly, there is always someone to chat to and always something going on entertainment-wise with their acoustic music, jazz, blues and folk music nights, not to mention wine and beer tasting events, quiz nights and other regular special events like the fringe theatre and comedy Laugh-Inn shows and the annual mid-winter Pirate Party.

Two barkeepers, Pomeroys Old Brewery Inn.

Two barkeepers, Pomeroys Old Brewery Inn.

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Wildlife Photo portrait of a Cheetah at Orana Wildlife Park

Where the wild things are

Orana Wildlife Park is a great place for wildlife photography


WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY IS THE GENRE of photography concerned with the documenting of wildlife in their natural habitat, Orana Wildlife Park in Christchurch, is New Zealand’s only open range zoo. Visiting Orana Park therefore offers a unique opportunity for the self-assignment of exercising your photography skills because in the wild animals are difficult to approach, predicting their actions is hit and miss, whereas the animals at Orana Park are not perturbed when viewed from quite close up and because there are mostly no bars or cages capturing great images of them in interesting situations just takes a little patience to be in the right place at the right time.
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MTC 2015 launch catalogue

MTC_logo_greys_256Once a mainstay of the graphic design business, nowadays print brochures are more the rarity but my fascination with ink on paper is perennial. I was inspired by the opportunity to create a small company launch and product catalogue brochure for MTC Equipment, that is short and to the point.
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Showcase of MTC Equipment online catalogue website. The three pages portrayed are the homepage, a catalogue overview page and the Ejector Trailer catalogue item page. The three key elements to the responsive online catalogue’s ease of use.

MTC Equipment website

The MTC Equipment’s rename and rebrand project included designing their new logo and identity system, the design and populating of their catalogue website , and creating a direct mail brand launch and product catalogue.

It was a great opportunity to work with an established family company, formerly Murray Tractor Company, to implement a rename, rebrand, and repositioning their new business as import agents of Chieftain Trailers of Ireland in the New Zealand, and Australasian regional  markets.
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Design a beautiful logo & website for KittyCat Rehoming

Design eye appeal is only one factor in the logo design equation. A useful logo for KittyCat Rehoming Wairarapa requires concept, great execution, and most of all, clear thinking.

How do I increase the eye appeal of my KittyCat Rehoming logo?

Use a picture, especially of a cat, or use more pictures, say an icon that is immediately recognised as a home. People relate to pictures of familiar things like cats instantly.
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