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Facebook boost post statistics

Entry level 5 day boost post. 14,000 people reached, 6,900 likes, 300 page likes. Best page likes from equivalent boost post, 2,500.

Getting audiences to like, share, click and comment

I’m proficient at getting audiences to like, share, click and comment on social media posts, and familiar with effective tactics for encouraging engagement with social media marketing efforts. My expertise in photography, Photoshop compositing, illustration and writing I have used in my current role and my previous jobs for years. I’m also familiar with video editing software and have used Adobe Premier Pro to edit short promotional videos for my clients.

In addition to being able to develop social media marketing strategy I have expertise streamlining web content creation and planning across a variety of client industries by;

  • Creating seamless customer experiences across marketing and customer service,
  • Identifying and measure key metrics that demonstrate social media ROI,
  • Improving brand authenticity by leveraging client content and user feedback.

To get social media marketing to pay off I am familiar with how to get audiences excited about what my clients have to say by;

  • Grabbing attention by posting newsworthy content, or sharing compelling facts. Unveil a new product, project, campaign, rebrand, website launch, promote the release of a new product,
  • Posting behind-the-scenes photos of client’s businesses. Stream live videos, post galleries of photos,
  • Take an interest in what client’s audiences are interested in outside of social media,
  • Use humour,
  • Inspire or provoke reaction, generate intrigue,
  • Straight out ask for a specific reaction, or simply ask for a review,
  • Offering a teaser that encourages the audience to engage by clicking over to your website,
  • Offering a give away.

Social media marketing is effective when it achieves engagement. To get my client’s audiences reading, commenting, liking, sharing and clicking on the posts I publish I’ve found that following the guidelines above consistently achieves that goal.

Velocette Racing New Zealand website, blog & fb page

Velocette Racing New Zealand organisation logoAs a designer every now & then you get involved with a project that takes on a life of its own. Velocette Racing New Zealand’s campaign to rebuild and race the Eldee Velocette at the Isle of Man Classic TT in August 2014 had its beginning in the 1950s and is part of both NZ and Australia’s classic motorcycle racing folklore.

Eldee-2, magazine advertisement, ClassicRacer,

Quarter page magazine advertisement, May 2014 ClassicRacer mag.

First at the New Zealand Classic Motorcycle Racing Register (NZCMRR) event at Pukekohe in 2012, then at the Hampton Downs Summer Classic racing event in February 2013 I joined a small team of dedicated classic motorcycle racing enthusiasts contributing their skills and resources to the project. I undertook to provide VRNZ the full multi-disciplinary designer’s toolkit to document and professionally promote this home-brewed Kiwi project to build the fastest Velocette Lightweight Special of the 50s and race it in the 250cc class at the Isle of Man Classic T.T. in August 2014.

The VRNZ website, sweet running blog and Facebook page are a straightforward brand toolkit initially created for VRNZ’s 2014 Isle of Man Campaign and other projects going forward such as the 2015 campaign to take a trio of pre-war “girder forks” class winners to the 10th Anniversary Burt Munro event. The site aims not just to tell the stories of racing classic Velos Downunder, but to get the reader to connect with the passion that drives the men and women who champion the racing of classic machines. With the liberal use of noisy and dynamic action photos, slideshow ‘visual essays’, pithy video, and both short and long-form articles about the machines and the personalities behind them the site gets visitors to ‘smell the Castrol’ of Classic Motorcycle Racing in New Zealand.