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Posters portfolio

Steve Jobs: “I don’t think of my life as a career. I do stuff. I respond to stuff. That’s not a career—it’s a life”
Make the work beautiful. Make it simple. Make it clear. Posters put it out there.

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‘Adelie Penguins, Antarctica’ adult’s and children’s two colour T-shirt print on white fabric.

Surface Active t-shirt design

As design pARTners in the visual arts Chrissie Terpstra and I applied our teeshirt design skills to everything from promoting small businesses and one-time events, to our Surface Active wildlife art, Kiwiana and nuclear free collections.

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Eldee Velocette, Eldee 2 Les Diener Racing design, t-shirt design, front of white shirt, Velocette Racing New Zealand, MagentaDot Brands.

Eldee 2 Classic I.O.M. tees

These are the t-shirts the Velocette Racing New Zealand team took to the I.O.M. as souvenir items for sale and as promotional souvenir give-aways.

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Quarter page ad, ClassicRacer magazine.

Social Media

I’m proficient at getting audiences to like, share, click and comment on social media posts, and familiar with effective tactics for encouraging engagement with social media marketing efforts.

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Writing & Research

In order to write effectively in technical documents online or in print, writers need to listen to their clients and do their research.

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