TruLine Civil. On-the-job portraits; Geoff Powell.

SHAUN IS EXPERIENCED AND SKILLED in both graphic design and artwork and in research and writing particularly with regard to tender bid document presentation and the Civil Engineering Case Studies on our TruLine Civil website. We have found all of this very valuable when preparing our Expression of Interest and Civil Engineering tender bid documents.

He is also diligent in research, and conducts his own learning programmes relating to whatever topic he is assisting us with e.g. he will get from interviewing the knowledgeable staff involved and from the internet the background to any tender for civil works, what the drivers are for construction of the project, how it all came about, the history in general, the funding sources, etc… This conveys to TruLine Civil’s clients and potential clients that we have a good grasp of their objectives regarding the outcomes desired.

Volvo excavator, Ripper mole ploughing, State Highway 1

October 2010. Geoff supervising the laying of Ultra Fast Broadband cable on SH1 near Makikihi. Part of Project KAREN (Kiwi Advanced Research and Education Network) linking all Tertiary and Crown Research Institutes.

Regarding Shaun’s capability within MS Word to compile bid documents that are reasonably complex in both its structure and content, that he has developed from scratch. Are there any remarks you might have on the depth of his understanding of the issues that underpin specific bids from the client’s perspective?

Shaun has a high level of competency with MS Word which greatly assists in formulating impressive documentation within a tight timeframe. With regard to our industry, Shaun obviously operates with the disadvantage of not coming from a civil works background, but he makes up for this with his willingness to get involved, ask the right questions, research (as mentioned above) and generally operate collaboratively with a team to produce a great outcome.

Any remarks to Shaun’s ability to structure complex document, write clear and compelling content, and use the advanced functionality of MS Word (heading styles, tables of contents, headers, footers, inserted photos, captions, etc.) to make the document presentation polished and professional?

Shaun possesses skills in advanced functionality with MS Word, and has ability to write compelling content provided he has assistance from someone directly related to the civil works components “on the ground’. The documents he produces are invariably professional and consistent.

Any remarks to Shaun’s writing and communication style, particularly professionalism, attention to detail and responsiveness?

We have found Shaun to be extra willing, conscientious, helpful when under pressure with deadlines, and generally a valuable part of our bid team for any project.

Kind regards,

Geoff Powell

Geoff Powell | Projects Manager, TruLine Civil

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