Terranova tiling website Laptop mockup of a cascade of 5 pages with the Homepage at the top of the stack.

“AGAIN, I CAN’T THANK YOU enough for your hard work you put towards my project/website.
The outcome is very professional and the feedback so far had been wow !!! from a lot of people. Looking forward to load a lot more to the site in the future.
I even catch myself how I surf the internet now and go to some other tilers /builders/other websites and think I have got a way better one.
My one got created by Magentadot”
—Terranova Tiling

“…OMG it looks absolutely fantastic.…I’m very happy. It’s crisp, it’s clear and very balanced. All details and image choice and fine tuning can be done once I’m back in NZ, as discussed. Fantasic job…”
—Terranova Tiling

The attractive Terranova Tiling logo and business card. Illustrations send a powerful message. Using artwork to stir a specific feeling—in this case quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. A minimal but well crafted page layout is more professional than a flashy design poorly built.