BabyBliss nursery furniture collection A5, bifold landscape brochure

To design a brochure that sells, the key is simple: Keep all eyes on the product. Many people are not in the market for nursery furniture. The way to profits is to visualise those who are interested and present your nursery furniture to them. BabyBliss furniture is excellent; I can sell that. A consumer in the market for nursery furniture isn’t looking for a shop, they are looking for a product. My job is to make your product speak for itself. The target audience is intelligent and preoccupied. The brochure needs to be clear, to the point and concise. Don’t waste their time.

As a graphic designer and brand manager I am always striving to produce the best advertising and conceptual collateral pieces that money can buy. In 2002 the BabyBliss brochure project was no exception, it was a startup company, a small family business specialising in quality baby nursery furniture, made in New Zealand using native timber, the cribs and changing tables are compact, portable and easily assembled and dismantled—no tools required.

Working in tandem with the studio copywriter I redesigned the BabyBliss brochure and designed a portable exhibition display stand for their October 2002 appearance at the Earls Court international Baby and Child Fair, which turned out to be a tremendous success. Part of the reasoning behind the redesign was to fully engage the brand name to evoke peace of mind and to allow the design and quality materials of the nursery furniture to hold centre stage.

These days I am well aware you want your visual communications to work hard. As hard as, let’s say, this redesigned brochure does. So to see more proof just have a look around or call Shaun on;
+64 21 067 6176.
Or email me

BabyBliss “Before” brochure cover.


BabyBliss nursery furniture collection A5, bifold landscape brochure



Printer: Croft Print Limited
Photographer: Diederich von Huygen, Lightworkx
Design firm: tattoo (logo design by tattoo)
Account executive: tattoo
Copywriter: tattoo
Creative director / production designer / print production: Shaun Waugh, Surface Active
Font credits: Avenir

©magentadot brands


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