WorkPace Ergonomic resting software final packaging.

WorkPace: Great brands stand out

The concept and material for the packaging redesign was a straightforward one received from the client. Photo, typography, colours, brand look were all a given. The value I added to this project was the illustrated selling message on the reverse. With this project I also took the opportunity to explore a number of concepts with the client for future creative direction. I was concerned that the brand needed to stay ahead of trends, as the received brand look appeared to be becoming out of date,

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Packaging carton for MyoPace EMG Equipment for Physiotherapy

MyoPace EMG packaging

This MyoPace packaging design uses visual language as well as text expressing information to capture and hold the consumer’s attention. It is a packaging that informs, entertains the eye and using good, visually stimulating design aesthetics really influence the consumer to buy.

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Agrimm trichoprotection, Vinevax, Pruning wound dressing, self-adhesive label, foil pouch, vacuum pack

Vinevax packaging label

The Vinevax product labelling system’s bold dynamic logo and uncluttered layouts, with the emphasis on white space, work very well in the retail environment in the context of the robust metallic silver foil pouches. The overall look that I achieved emphasises the Vinevax product’s “innovative biotechnology” point of market difference and positions it in the market as a high quality, highly effective product.

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