Spirit of Papua New Guinea launch brochure. Direct mail campaign to Pionair database and agents. One of three tour packages promoted in the Pionair Group Travel direct mail campaign.

Pionair logo, rebrandThe Spirit of Papua New Guinea escorted tour launch brochure. One of three “Hidden Gems” brochures forming a 2009 direct mail campaign to Pionair’s past traveller database and affluent travel agents in the U.S. and the rest of the world. Spirit of PNG was one of three tour packages promoted in this 2009 Pionair Group Travel / Escorted Tours direct mail campaign.

This set of brochures was also a component of the Affluent Travel toolkit of material supplied to Pionair’s leading affluent travel agents in the U.S., and around the world. The agents’ kit also included the “Unparalleled Journeys” affluent travel booklet.

Defining and evolving Pionair’s corporate identity.

Sepik River carved ceremonial mask

Within the realm of Neolithic Art, Papua New Guinea is unparalleled. The basis for this vibrant, organic art form is religious. Carved masks such as this one from the Sepik River region are created to be inhabited by spirits.

One part private air charter firm, owning aircraft, employing pilots and aircrew, the other part an affluent travel firm, inbound travel wholesaler and tourism operator, my job of corporate identity designer, art director and founder of Pionair’s in-house “Propellor Studio” was the best of design jobs.The initiation of the design process for client departments within the firm; air charter, escorted group travel, free inboard travel, the designer-client relationship, project research and analysis, cost estimation, formal presentations were followed up by either in-house colour digital printing and binding, out-sourced offset litho print design and print production, signage, environmental or web design.

The design development phase with in-house clients was collegial, design strategies were expertly discussed and explored, draft design solutions were evaluated by the presentation of preliminary design visuals or comps. By a process of client designer consensus building we developed the rationale for the final selection. Once the rationale was settled for projects I was able to implement the design, artwork and copywriting (as required) with single-minded creative direction. The application and implementation of the identity system was planned and followed coherent guidelines. Custom Word document templates were developed, the house set of typefaces installed on colleague’s computers, a library of digital assets was developed and curated containing images, maps and infographics.

The five years of being in-house creative designer for Pionair was preceded by two years of their brand management; design, art direction, artwork and print production of their marketing collateral in an independent creative studio. Out of this evolved considerable knowledge and experience and as this “Hidden Gems” exposition demonstrates, a Corporate I.D. System of clarity and conciseness that yielded measurable sales and marketing results.

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If you think a well planned corporate identity system design with well developed manuals and guidelines might be a good strategy for your firm contact me here.


Printer: Croft Print Limited
Design studio:
 Pionair Propellor in house studio
Copywriter: Rae Wakefield Jones / Tim Scott
Photographers: Pionair travelers, Papua New Guinea Tourism, Christopher Michael  
Type Credit: Avant Garde, Avant Garde Condensed

©magentadot brands


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