Agrimm trichoprotection, Vinevax, Pruning wound dressing, self-adhesive label, foil pouch, vacuum pack

Design is about communication, the more compelling the design, the deeper the response

Vinevax_logo_radiused_256pxMore compelling design doesn’t mean prettier, or more arty. By more compelling I mean richer, more complete, better because it is more efficient, better because it is attractive in useful ways. The design of Vinevax’s new brand collateral isn’t merely about their product looking better on the shelf, but actually functioning better as an advertisement for itself in a competitive retail environment. The design has to do with the work of increasing sales by making Vinevax’s packaging beautiful and clear.

It’s exciting.

The cost-effective system of high quality self adhesive labels is hand applied to air-tight, vacuum sealed foil pouches. The design and production of the label artwork took careful work in order to meet strict international labelling standards. The product is supplied directly to growers in bulk through rural supply chains while also being sold off the shelf in those stores and to consumers in domestic garden supply retail stores. The Vinevax product labelling system’s bold dynamic logo and uncluttered layouts, with the emphasis on white space, work very well in the retail environment in the context of the robust metallic silver foil pouches. The overall look that I achieved emphasises the Vinevax product’s “innovative biotechnology” point of market difference and positions it in the market as a high quality, highly effective product.

Formed by two scientists in 1984, Agrimm Technologies’ laboratories and specialist production facilities based in Lincoln, near Christchurch, have grown to be a world leader in the development and manufacture of effective, safe and environmentally friendly biological or ‘living barrier’ plant protection products focussing on the Trichoderma family of beneficial fungi.

Around 2002 the results from independent field testing from a PhD study being conducted at Adelaide University proved that a formulation of their ‘Trichoseal’ wettable powder product for vines was a protective and a cost effective treatment against dieback disease. At this point Agrimm engaged the services of tattoo and we developed the exciting new product brand / positioning statement ‘Vinevax’, ‘Living barrier wound dressing for vines’, to supersede the legacy product under their Trichoprotection® quality mark.

The brand design rationale

Agrimm trichoprotection, Vinevax, Pruning wound dressing, self-adhesive label, foil pouch, vacuum pack

Vinevax packaging is pleasing to its audience with the approach of highly readable well laid out typography to make its key messages and information really clear.

A blend of the outstanding clarity and distinction of the new product name, and research into the client’s market, their competitors and the biology of commensalism (by which trichoderma behaves as a living-barrier to plant pathogens), plus extensive visual research lead to several design solutions. Our recommendation in the presentation, is inspired by one of the intricate yet simple mathematical designs that are found in nature. One that is related to a certain mathematical sequence know as the Fibonacci series—as seen in the opposing spiral forms of flowers, pinecones and pineapples. Inspired by these natural forms the bold, clean and modern new brand expresses at once a radiant shield-like energy, dynamic rotation and vigorous growth out from the centre.



Printer: Croft Print Limited
Design firm:
Account executive: tattoo
Copywriter: tattoo (including product naming)
Creative director / designer / illustrator / print production: Surface Active graphic design studio
Font credits: Barmeno, Garamond Condensed

©magentadot brands

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