TruLine Civil horizontal drilling rig, Akaroa

Tru-Line Civil logoAs part of the ongoing project to visually record the client’s range of work methodologies I was contracted to document the span of a day on location in Akaroa.

The brief was to capture a fine-grained record of TLC’s capability in the relatively new Civil Engineering field of “Trenchless Technology”, specifically Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD).

This fast and highly accurate “Horizontal Infrastructure” laying technique is achieved by way of a synchronised deployment of highly skilled and experienced operators, high technology machinery and tight coordination between the project team members. From skilled labourers and drivers up the chain to the site engineer close communication is maintained via modern telecommunications.

After shooting the “drill shot” and subsequent “back-reaming” of a 120m length of a new 180mm watermain in the morning I was tasked to shoot the work involved reinforcing a 25m retaining wall on the hillside below, the first stage in laying foundations for a new pump station as part of the overarching project to upgrade Akaroa’s water supply in both quantity and quality terms by installing a new membrane filtration based water treatment plant.

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