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HDD drilling method photoshoot Akaroa

Tru-Line Civil logoHave just completed the multi-disciplinary set of tasks necessary to prep and publish a new portfolio of the location photo shoot for Tru-Line Civil last month in Akaroa. This new work/photography portfolio item can now be viewed here on the MagentaDot site, and in the form of a new case study page I’ve loaded onto the Tru-Line Civil website. The set of prep tasks mentioned has included:
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TruLine Civil horizontal drilling rig, Akaroa

HDD photo shoot Akaroa

Tru-Line Civil logoAs part of the ongoing project to visually record the client’s range of work methodologies I was contracted to document the span of a day on location in Akaroa.

The brief was to capture a fine-grained record of TLC’s capability in the relatively new Civil Engineering field of “Trenchless Technology”, specifically Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD).
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