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The website Case Studies are published from pdfs for inclusion in tender bid documents as required. The case studies are focussed on TruLine Civil’s methodologies as applied to specific contracts. Between 2008–11 this involved documentary location photography of completed projects from Punakaiki to Arthurs Pass. Since 2011 the project manager shifted up the priority going forward, shooting TruLine’s workplace methodologies  in progress at selected works in progress. This open-ended project has progressively provided a high quality image library that covers the gamut of TruLine’s civil engineering strengths and capabilities.

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Case studies are the very best way to add credibility and showcase the breadth of TruLine’s civil works authority, expertise and innovation. Done right, the case studies have been providing the deciding evidence that customers need to get them over the line to engage TruLine’s services.

Inside spread of TruLine Case Study Parklands West sewage main case study.

Two-page spread of the TruLine case study on Parklands West gravity sewage main installation. This case study focussed on the “trenchless technology” of precision, horizontal drilling employed in the challenging conditions of a high water table. This entailed drilling into fully saturated running sand at the depths of 2–6m the pipeline was being laid into. The level of precision was within 2mm vertically over each 100 linear metres.

Why are case studies so beneficial for civil engineering firms, and how do we know we’re doing it right?

Case studies are of particular importance in the competitive field of civil engineering as the success of TruLine’s projects is based around accurate analysis, problem solving from experience and innovating with creative solutions that save the client time, materials and money.

Civil engineering clients are best shown as well as told about real-world examples of how TruLine has engineered solutions for people just like them. My professional photography, video and infographics of men and machines at work makes a real impression. Work in progress along with completed project photos enables the different stories to be written in a way that allows clients to quickly understand how TruLine is able to deliver and exceed expectations on their project goals.

The assistant crane operator engaged in precision placement of a reinforced concrete box culvert section. The box section was being installed by TruLine Civil beneath the main trunk railway, on the riverbed of the Bealey River, near Arthurs Pass in the South Island of New Zealand.

Collaboratively made Case studies produce great outcomes

Clients want to see documentary evidence of TruLine’s cutting edge abilities. We achieved this by using a variety of case studies that outline different skill sets, each of them I have diligently researched and written, conducting my own learning programmes relating to each project. This approach has resulted in stories that allow TruLine’s clients to quickly understand just how they are able to be of use to them in achieving their own project goals.

TruLine’s case studies are web content that confers considerable marketing advantage.



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