Classic Pre ’63 with Girder Forks, Cloud Craig-Smith, KTT 350, KTT MK VIII, Rider 231, Teretonga Circuit races, Velocette

Velocette Racing New Zealand organisation logo. Classic racing motorcycle enthusiasts organisation brand. ‘Coca-Cola’ style sloped and looped copperplate lettering in metallic gold on a black background, consistent with the historic livery of Velocette motorcycles. Brands for New Zealand / International organisations.E Hayes & Sons Teretonga Circuit Races, Friday 27 November 2015 (Practice day), Saturday 28th (Race day). VRNZ classic racing at Teretonga Raceway, Otatara, included 4 riders aboard 5 machines in the Classic Pre ‘63 Girder fork and the Classic Pre ‘63 Class. In the feature image rider Cloud Craig-Smith sweeps his gleaming 1949 KTT MK VIII through the exit apex of the Loop at Teretonga.

The Big Velo and KTT trio round the Teretonga circuit’s fastest curve, the Loop

The Teretonga galleries features the four girder fork racing Velocettes;

  • Rider 4 – Bill Biber – 1934 Velocette ‘Big Velo’ 500
  • Rider 32 – Chris Swallow – 1946 Velocette KTT MKVIII 350
  • Rider 197 – Phil Price – 1934 Velocette KTT MKIV 350
  • Rider 231 – Cloud Craig-Smith – 1949 Velocette KTT MKVIII 350

and these machines also from the Pre ‘63 girder fork class;

  • Rider 30 – Michael Wilson – 1930 Rudge Special 350
  • Rider 36 – Rhys Wilson – 1937 Rudge Ulster 500
  • Rider 63 – Francie Winteringham – 1930 Rudge TT Rep 500
  • Rider 95 – Neville Mickleson – Velocette KTT MKIV 350
  • Rider 114 – Keith McLeod – 1928 AJS K6 500
  • Rider 238 – Bruce Aitken – 1936 Triumph T80 350

Pre ‘63  girder forks through the Castrol curves and Start Finish line

Burt Munro Challenge, Chris Swallow, Classic Pre ’63 with Girder Forks, KTT 350, KTT MK VIII, Rider 32, Teretonga Circuit races, Velocette

Chris Swallow aboard Velocette KTT Mk VIII roars through the Castrol curves at Teretonga.


Words: Shaun Waugh
Photography & Desktop publishing: Shaun Waugh

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