Absolute-Proof website 2008 redesign

AbsoluteProof Live – 2008 product launch and redesigned website launch

AbsoluteProof_logo_radiused_256pxBetween 1998–99 I originated the product name and positioning statement, designed the brand and identity system, the software user interface and the first generation of the AbsoluteProof website, developed in collaboration with a firm in Reykjavik, Iceland.

After 10 years of continuous development and with the software package sold in physical form on a highly secure USB key, the Christchurch New Zealand firm developed a revolutionary monthly subscription model, launched as ‘Absolute-Proof Live 2008’ for their colour-managed workflow hub / digital proofing solution. This made their internationally recognised proofing software very affordable and eliminated the significant transactional burden of keeping customer’s software versions up-to-date with the rapidly developing OS X platform.

To deliver this best-in-class subscription proofing solution to their international client base required a robust, state-of-the art website to be developed. The client bolted together the collaboration with Christchurch firm Deflux—who did an excellent job of handling the web development and sophisticated back-end functions of the new subscription e-commerce model. My role in the project was to design and art direct the front end of the site, all the presentational attributes;

  • the overall Art Direction design theme and page layout templates, header, body and footer
  • custom dimensional header and sidebar navigation menus and their hover and clicked states
  • a set of hand made custom icons, one each for the 7 market segments for the
  • either source or photograph all the imagery on the site and design the banner slideshows

this was supplied to the developer in pixel-perfect psd files. Also provided the navigational structure, wireframes and researched and wrote most of the technical content on the site in collaboration with the client.

Digital Proofing Resolved

AbsoluteProof_Printer_and_poster_wide_formatAbsoluteProof® is a Mac OS X based, best-in-class digital proofing solution that turns your inkjet printer into a cost effective contract proofing system. The built-in Intelligent Multicolor Engine® expands the printer’s color capabilities using standard ICC profiles to achieve accurate color match for CMYK, spot colors, & HIFI workflows. AbsoluteProof can print remotely to multiple devices at multiple locations, and it can match to both certified colour standards such as G7 GRACOL, SWOP, and FOGRA, and match to custom press profiles in CMYK LAB or RGB mode.


Web designer: Shaun Waugh
Technical writing: Hugo Kristinnson and Shaun Waugh
Web Design firm:
MagentaDot Brands
Custom subscription E-commerce web solution: AbsoluteProof / Deflux
Web coding, CMS customisation, robust E-commerce site build: DefluxDesign – Christchurch

©magentadot brands

2004–2009 Pionair Adventure Travel, AbsoluteProof, Advertising and promotional, Christchurch Technology Barbeque, Digital illustration, Logos and symbols, Originate brand name, Originate brand positioning statement, Printing & publishing, Technical writing, Technology, User experience design, Web content development, Web content writing

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