Illustration beats explanation

Illustration provides an overall impression of what an object is or does, how a process flows or functions, or to map or chart information with the aim of immediately engaging the viewer’s interest and understanding, and being memorable.

Information graphics or infographics are graphic visuals that represent data, information, processes, or knowledge and skills with the goal of making complex information clear and understood quickly.

Projects featured in portfolio

  • Pionair CV580 Marshalling signals illustrations and diagrams, Hazard area diagram and aircraft characteristics. Marshalling illustrations were applied to workplace information poster and upgraded Standard Operating Procedures Manuals for Pionair Australia’s to meet Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Aviation Safety regulations for their Air Cargo operation. While historical reference existed for the optimum form of these diagrams the full suite of these high quality originals needed to be re-drawn from scratch. Photocopies of photocopies of photocopies were rejected by CASA as too obscure to be of any practical use. This was also the case for the set of Air Cargo ground handling diagrams. These needed to be easily understood and reproduce well as black and white output from a desktop laser printer, to the small printed page size (A5 portrait) of the updated Pionair Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) manual (page size; 148mm wide x 210 tall).
  • Ethos Woodfires ‘warm your world’ point of sale retail display collateral. A custom cut log laser etched with the Ethos brand acts as a display rack for the Ethos ‘best’ product catalogues on the shop floor.
    The cylindrical wrap infographic around the flue demonstrates the how the double-skinned ‘concentric flue’ ducts cool air drawn from outside down the outside chimney into the firebox effectively heating the air to 600°C before it enters the firebox thereby maximising the burn efficiency and minimizing the level of particulates produced by the woodfire to the lowest level output by any woodfire in the world—hence the ‘best’ woodfire in the world.
  • Pionair CV580 Air Safety Cards. More infomation about this project on the portfolio page.
  • Tru-Line Civil Rocksaw road widening infographics, formed part of a larger slideshow. These simple infographics enable the sales team to more effectively use their work methodology case studies and slideshows as presentational selling and communications tools.
  • Tru-Line Civil Parklands West Gravity Wastewater replacement, Horizontal Directional Drilling sub-task map.
  • Pionair Classic DC3 air tour of Australia. Working for Pionair’s travel and tours department resulted in the creation of hundreds of custom map infographics.
  • Pionair CV580 ZK-PAL, simple interior / exterior composite image shows the business class interior along with the taxiing aircraft resulting in an engaging and dynamic infograpic.
  • Plan the work, then work the plan. Pionair aircraft livery blueprint and the CV580 marked up to specification prior to masking and painting. More infomation about this project on the portfolio page.

Technical illustration

Digital illustration is well suited to visually communicating information of technical subjects and processes. Vector illustrations of components rendered as technical drawings or diagrams are often a more effective way of succinctly conveying core information to customers and end users.

My technical illustration workflow always begins with thumbnail sketches or sets of reference photographs which are traced over and developed in illustration programmes such as Freehand, Illustrator, and Photoshop using the tablet as a drawing interface, rather than the mouse. The need for very precise and detailed imaging and ongoing updates to products and processes makes digital illustration the ideal method for many subjects.

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