Projects featured in portfolio

  • Tru Line Civil signage system 2014
  • Pomeroys Pub exterior paint scheme, 2004.
  • Winniebagoes House (Old Winniebagoes, demolished 2011) feature signage and building directory, 2003.
  • Winniebagoes restaurant, street-side front window branding on window.
  • Wigram Airforce Tower exterior paint scheme, 2006.
  • Pomeroys Boutique Accommodation one-of-a-kind 3D sign, two-sided exterior street sign, 2009.
  • Pomeroys Boutique Accommodation multi-level cast bronze building plaque, 2009.

Project credits

Tru-Line Civil

Client: Tru-Line Civil
Art direction, design: Shaun Waugh
Sign production oversight: Shaun Waugh
Signwriter: Art Fetiche


Client: Pomeroy’s Old Brewery Inn
Creative direction: Victoria Pomeroy / Shaun Waugh
Art direction, design, (design firm): Shaun Waugh (tattoo)
Illustrator, Decoration production oversight: Shaun Waugh
Exterior painter, signwriter: Client organised (to be advised)

Winniebagoes House (Old Winniebagoes, demolished 2011)

Client: Winniebagoes House, Winniebagoes
Art direction, design (design firm): Shaun Waugh (tattoo)
Signwriter: Sign Advertising

Winniebagoes restaurant

Client: Winniebagoes
Art direction, design (design firm): Shaun Waugh (tattoo)
Signwriter: Sign Advertising (Glen Lilley)

Wigram Airforce Tower (pro bono)

Client: Ngai Tahu Properties
Art direction, design (design firm): Shaun Waugh (Pionair Propellor Studio)

Pomeroys Boutique Accommodation

Client: Pomeroys
Art direction, design (design firm): Shaun Waugh (Pionair Propellor Studio)
Signwriter: Art Fétiche (Brent Brownlee)

©magentadot brands


2002–2004 Tattoo, 2004–2009 Pionair Adventure Travel, 2009–Present MagentaDot Brands, Advertising and promotional, Buildings, Illustration, Installations & Murals, Logos and symbols, Pionair Adventure Travel, Pionair Aviation, Pomeroys Old Brewery Inn, Signage, Typography, Winnie Bagoes

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