Windsor-Urban web design showcase, three pages from the site displayed in an overlapping composition.

Windsor Urban symbol and type logo and trademarkI originated the new company name, designed the new logo and implemented a strong repositioning strategy centred on the distinguishing feature of being the longest standing New Zealand manufacturer of street lighting and urban furniture. Increased sales and growth resulted. The WindsorUrban rebrand and website redesign saw their website to from being buried 12 pages deep when searching via Google, to among the top five. I built the new brand around strong market positioning, to which the large scale e-commerce WindsorUrban catalogue website redesign was key.

WindsorUrban is an established Christchurch manufacturer of urban lighting and urban furniture. At the start of 2012 MagentaDot Brands took on the project of redesigning the firm’s outdated, Web 1.0 style site. But the project gradually developed over the first few months into a complete company name change and rebrand—a career highlight of significant scope, depth and complexity that engaged all of the tools in my multi-disciplinary designer’s tool kit. It has also been a highly successful project that has seen a website that used to be buried on page 10 of a Google search for ‘Urban Lighting, New Zealand’ rise to now rank first or second.

The change of company name was a natural course correction for the firm that required careful consideration and planning to be sure of achieving a successful outcome.The company was originally named ‘Windsor Heritage’, however it became clear as the research and development of the redesigned website progressed that the company had grown, product lines had expanded, market conditions had changed, such that the heritage ‘Victorian / Edwardian’ style of the name and logo was a company brand image that no longer reflected who they were or what they did. I raised this concern with the business owner and the marketing manager and found that they and the sales team had similar reservations and agreed a company name and rebrand for growth was essential and best timed to launch with the redesigned website.


Web Design firm: MagentaDot Brands
Web coding, CMS customisation, Web-app coding: Limelight Online – Christchurch
Web app design: Steve Campbell (WindsorUrban), Shaun Waugh

©magentadot brands

2009–Present MagentaDot Brands, Logos and symbols, Manufacturing, Originate brand name, Photography, Rename & Rebrand, Technical writing, Urban furniture manufacturing, Urban Lighting manufacturing, Web content development, Web content management, Web content writing, Website, WindsorUrban

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