VRNZ_logo_radiused_256pxTo commemorate both the launch of the Eldee-TT in July 2014, and the massive achievement represented by the Velocette Racing New Zealand team getting the classic Eldee Velocette rebuilt, equipped and race-ready in time for shipping to the Isle of Man I flew to Wellington to shoot a set of heroic publicity photos of the bike—and to provide hands-on assistance applying the decals I had designed, race numbers, rider’s signature, sponsors logos etc., onto the new carbon-fibre racing fairing and seat.

Isle of Man, running man, triad, logoIn addition to publicity, I made the photos immediately useful for the campaign as merchandise, working up two images into a five poster advertising and promotionalcampaign (to add to the ‘TT T-shirt’ merchandise already selling well). The bike itself is classed as an ‘Exotic’, it is a pre-war British bike returning to the U.K. on a campaign launched from downunder in ‘The Colonies’ (the campaign had already been wryly dubbed the ‘Kiwi Invasion’ in a recent ClassicRacer magazine) and the VRNZ rider Bill Swallow is famous in motorcycle racing circles. Therefore, with Bill’s signature on the posters they can be a sold as a premium momento of the IOM Classic TT.

The client had briefed that some form of printed piece would be required for the Isle of Man event, for the classic racing audience a succinct infographic with attractive ‘race-ready’ images and specifications of the machine was the priority—and crediting the Eldee I.O.M. campaign’s sponsors.

Thorough research via books and the web revealed a solid creative direction to be found in Velocé’s mid 20th Century British advertising and marketing materials for their Velocette motorcycles. (NB There’s a brief show and tell about the fruits of that research here.) Enjoy the portfolio…


Project name: Eldee TT commemorative launch poster campaign
Client (Industry): Velocette Racing New Zealand (Media, entertainment & sports/Classic motorcycle racing/Motorsport)
Disciplines: Copywriting / Digital Illustration / Photography / Print production / Promotional design and advertising
Format: Poster
Date: 2014


Printer: PaperPlus New Brighton
Design firm: MagentaDot Brands
Copywriter: Shaun Waugh
Art direction / design / photography: Shaun Waugh
Font credits: Handlettering, Franklin Gothic family

Classic motorcycle racing, Copywriting, Digital illustration, Graphic design, Illustration, Media, entertainment & sports, Photography, Posters, Print production, Promotional design and advertising, Social media, Technology, Web content management, Web design, Web graphic design
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