portrait with the fetching Stronger Chrischurch ballerina backdrop in Armagh Street, May 2015.

Watch This Space logo design contest entry

Popular Urban Art or vandalism of private property? That thorny contention was settled unequivocally in post-quake Christchurch 2011. What now is considered pro-social and broadly popular urban art has morphed out of counter culture to become one of the totems of the fine art world. The gallery showcases my comp entry and a selection from my Stronger Christchurch, and Rise street art photo libraries.

Front cover Watch This Space logo presentation document

The front cover of my Watch This Space logo presentation document depicts the logo visualised screenprinted onto the back of a woman’s red hoodie garment.

Since the 2011 earthquakes Street Art is emerging all over the central city of Christchurch, like life it finds a way to vitalize empty sections and animate the bare walls that dominate the landscape with vibrant colour and youthful design.

Stronger Christchurch street art view Latimer Square.

Stronger Christchurch street art view Latimer Square.

It is so uplifting to see light fill the dreary dark of the quake vandalised precincts bounded by the four avenues. Like many I have thought the street art that has been emerging and expanding is a real asset to my fallen city, and really appreciate how it makes the most of the situation that central Christchurch is in.

Watch This Space logo presentation document page showing an unslick iteration of the logo graffiti stencil spray bombed onto concrete.

An un-slick iteration of the Watch This Space logo as quick-and-dirty graffiti stencilled onto concrete in two colours.

So when I learned of a logo design contest for “Watch this space”, a not-for-profit arts organisation mapping out of street art across Christchurch’s developing landscape, I leapt at the chance to give the challenge my best shot.

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