Eurospace containers

Eurospace import an IKEA-like flat-packed, completely knocked down, galvanised steel containers. These kitset structures are of the sort that are suitable for storage, transport and for use as certain specialist types of buildings. The containers are delivered knocked down flat or so the customer assembles them on site. They have multiple uses such as transportable buildings, office space, storage containers, dangerous goods storage.

The client was really happy with using the Eurowood construction website CMS, and were really familiar with the cms, custom slider module, and entire user interface so their brief was to build the EuroSpace.

They have had success promoting Eurowood using this proven template so we set up the tools and through consultation populated the site with backgrounds and imagery.

With the basic navigational framework and content in place the client jumped right in and composed all the custom sliders, and have overall been very happy with the results.


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Ohinetahi House & Gardens | Governors Bay

Ohinetahi is a house and gardens of international significance and they wanted a website to showcase their beautiful garden and features within the garden. For their world-class destination and visitor experience they wanted a magazine-style brochure website lavished with outstanding imagery, and the narrative of Sir Miles Warren and Pauline and John Trengrove’s restoration of the house and garden that got underway in 1977.

There were a couple of design ideas we explored initially but we ended up settling on a very clean and simple aesthetic, just a strong symmetrical image showing off the house and garden on the landing page headed up by an uncluttered navigation bar and branding element. The client is happy with the result and that it achieved their stipulations that the site be responsive, mobile ready.

The site design is a customised WordPress template for which the client provided a basic wireframe and in consultation we constructed and populated the site with all content to match their specifications.


All Greek to me Souvlaki

The client wanted to put their menu and their specialty menu items on a new brochure website which makes keeping their pricing up to date easy.

The brief also included a guestbook/customer review page where they could comment on their experiences.

As well as Greek Souvlaki they make some other specialty Greek food such as Baklava and some smoked meats.

A signature memory of our designer’s trip to Greece is that people have grapevines on rafters just like they do outside All Greek to me Souvlaki hence the grapevine background. The client loved the idea and is thrilled with how it fit in so well with the authentic Greek aesthetic that she had hoped to achieve.


Christchurch Coach Charters

The client wanted a brochure site where he could advertise that he provides coaches, buses, double-decker buses, fancy London Taxis and their drivers for all sorts of events and parties.

Christchurch Coach Charters is an established firm that has been servicing the Christchurch scene for a very long time, and they offer an amazing service, getting picked up by a chauffeur and driven around in style is a really cool experience. They wanted a way for people to be able to contact him easily and to be on the first page of Google. Their website has achieved all of these goals.

Christchurch Coach Charters is a simple HTML website comprised of basic code.


Chistchurch Uncovered

After the Christchurch earthquakes Cat Watson, who had studied archaeology all her life, found herself in a situation she never dreamed would come about. She never dreamed she would be able to practice archaeology, do ideological digs right at home, in her backyard in Christchurch. Which is what happened after the earthquakes and she and her associates quickly discovered they had huge catalogues of colonial settlement era archaeological findings that they really wanted to share and to tell the story behind them in a blog, what developed was a pleasant surprise as the blog has garnered interest from people around the world. This website is super successful. Cat never imagined that thousands of people a day would come and look at these stories, the response has been incredible. The website has done exceptionally well and exceeded all expectations.

Cat actually wanted a website and a blog, but she opted for the blog to begin with because of all of the steady stream of news posts she wanted to publish. The client has since sold the business to another party who has taken over thereins.

The client wanted a really simple website so a basic Responsive WordPress blog was built. WordPress was free, the theme was free, some basic suggestions were made about the widget options on the Right hand side. After a quick demonstration of how to make a post, the client was quick to learn and in there writing up and publishing articles straight away, it has been growing steadily each week ever since and gets read and commented on by people all over the world.


Rosemount Weddings | Darjon Vineyards Wedding Venue

The Adams’ came to Adele with the web design brief that they wanted a really eyecatching and beautiful website to sell their wedding venue hire and event planning service, with all the trimmings, in their Rosemount vineyard. The clients do the complete package, organise the entertainment, the catering, they work with lots of different entertainers and caterers, they offer top of the line, end-to-end event planning level of service.

The website has played it’s part in the marketing mix to contribute to the Rosemount venue’s business having taken off and really thrive.

The client had another website as well, which is Ohoka Horse and Carriages, and their son has a 5-piece band with a hosting package, so we offered a full professional hosting package where they could host all of their websites under the one account.

They grew to be in a position to purchase another vineyard, the Darjon Vineyard, as a wedding venue for hire as well. They now manage the two wedding venues which both do exceptionally well, mostly in summer, but to some degree throughout the year.

The second website, Darjon, we built on a responsive WordPress platform. Rosemount was built by a third party web designer using an HTML template, and while not responsive, the client is happy with the beautiful aesthetic of it. We manage the updates to the site as required throughout the year to keep everything up-to-date.



Cat Rescue

Cat rescue is an organisation that is managed and run by volunteers who find strays, collect them, vaccinate them, treat any injuries and then rehome them. Similar to the Cat Protection league and the SPCA but run entirely on donations. They also help with managing the feral cat populations all around Christchurch. They will get a call from say a factory in Addington, that they have a cat problem, to control the populations effectively it is not optimal to remove all the cats completely, so they manage the numbers using best practice methods. They also assist people who cannot afford to de-sex their cats.

This is a WordPress template site chosen that best suits their needs but it is not responsive. The site is proving a very successful hub for people wanting to adopt cats and people volunteering their time to contribute to the organisation and its mission.


Trotts Gardens

Alan and Catherine Trott are a lovely couple from Ashburton who had a crazy idea of buying a farm and turning it into a garden. They even went as far as buying the local church which they purchased for $1 and transported it to their property to set up a chapel so that people could have photos and weddings in their garden. The entire town thought they were mad, but now it has gone from a National Garden of Significance with an amazing variety of plants, to recently becoming an International Garden of Significance. The Trotts are just really happy to have their website up there containing a brief intro to their gardens and the narrative of how they came to be, a gallery of their best photos and overall just communicating the love they have for gardens, and how very passionate they are about them, and about working in nature.

The gardens are very popular as a photo venue for weddings. Asian couples often helicopter in from Christchurch to get their photos taken in Trott’s gardens.

Having promoted their gardens on generic catalogue sites for a few years the client came to us knowing that they needed to get their gardens online. The site is built using HTML and CSS and works pretty well on a mobile phone.

Allan Trott has published two books about their gardens which can be purchased from the site.

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