Escape from the Straitjacket of the Mind, 2 colour A1 portrait poster.

The A5 bifold brochures and Escape from the Straitjacket of the Mind promotional poster were produced to launch John Davey’s refreshing & inspirational new approach to delivering a corporate message at conferences or training seminars—“Lip Service”.

The power of visual communication adds value to my clients’ business. Design pARTner Chrissie & I strive to produce excellent design.

In these presentations John delivered a themed speech to guests or delegates. Introduced to the audience as an internationally renowned ‘whizz kid’— an expert in the field — he addressed the “future” of their industry & advanced startling new developments about to take off Pleasurable yet plausible, almost too good to be true, the speech concludes with a twist! Suddenly The Expert exposes the hoax, much to the surprise and delight of the audience, revealing the costumed performer, who can now deliver to a captivated audience—a motivational or training presentation, or a dynamic cabaret act (themed to incorporate the client brand product or service with impact).

John’s Lip Service presentations captured the imagination of his audiences and proved to be a real hit in New Zealand and internationally, especially during University Orientation, it developed into a presentation format called UniSmart.

No applause — just throw money. Memorabilia from my collection of John Davey’s Vaudevillian variety and busker performance persona that evolved into Lip Service, and ultimately UniSmart.

The power of visual communication? It’s the vision thing. The Amazing Mr Moon’s logo applied to a fascinating pop-up, ‘leave behind’ business card added real value to his business.


Printer: CDP Christchurch
Design firm:
 Surface Active graphic design
Copywriter: Chrissie Terpstra
Photography: Client archive
Client: John Davey / The Amazing Mr Moon
Type Credit: American Typewriter, Lucida Sans, Berthold Block, Reporter, StencilEscape from the Straitjacket of the Mind, 2 colour A1 portrait poster.

©magentadot brands

1988–2002 Surface Active, Advertising and promotional, Announcements, Arts & Entertainment, Brochure, Copywriting, Lip Service, Logos and symbols, Originate brand name, People, Performing arts, Photoshop compositing, Print production, The Amazing Mr Moon, UniSmart

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