When it comes to promoting entertainers, creating distinction is key.

Because of the tremendous competition in the market, promotions for Circus-Arts performers, children’s entertainers, need to be well thought out, be comprehensive and also entertain the reader in the same manner as performers do in order to capture the attention of any audience world wide.

Sillicon Planet’s New Zealand audience is a mash-up of schools, festival and event organisers, corporate clientele and talent agencies.

The demand to create distinction and call attention to the Sillicon Planet brand meets high quality low cost colour digital printing

To create distinction and call attention to the client’s brand, the designer must producing memorable promotions that reveal their client’s capabilities and their brand’s personality.

The advent of high quality, low cost, colour digital printing opened up the opportunity to design and produce innovative promotions, from a production standpoint.

The ability to print on demand was of great benefit to my small business clients like Sillicon Planet.

The digital printing workflow also opened up the opportunity to produce keenly strategic promotions where the overall messaging is mindful of and very well attuned to the client’s precise needs.

Direct mail forms the cornerstone

The second of Sillicon Planet’s full colour, two-sided business cards features their emblem.

This business card features the branding emblem, a lateral visual answer developed the question in the client’s mind “Sure the name is a cute word play, but what exactly does Sillicon Planet mean?”

This promotion has a direct mail piece as the cornerstone of a larger rebranding project. This promotional brochure also serves the secondary function—as a demonstrations of Chris & Lisa’s full range of capabilities, and/or it functions as a keepsake that significantly increases the longevity and effectiveness of their promotional budget dollar.

In Graphic Design terms with this project I was able to rethink the functional components of Direct Mail marketing and also, due to colour digital printing, able to make strides into what is possible in terms of the form and quality of the return on the small business promotional dollar.

Printed brochures demand our interaction

The simple joy of turning pages, of unfolding, and revealing, of scale, of texture and ink on paper, and of the physical presence of print in the hand. There is something inherently human about it, you can touch it, pick it up—it has weight—you can even smell the ink. You sense the artful hand, the care and craft. It sits there, not moving, and when you come back the next day, it’s still there going strong.

A well-executed brochure allows multiple facets of a company’s personality to shine.

The roll-over six page folder format forms and informs the flow of the narrative. The pacing and rhythm of graphics and type shape the experience.

Brochures such as Sillicon Planet’s feature and showcase not only the client’s brand but also design and photography, illustration, writing, fonts, colour, materials and texture—and the art and craft of printing.

Effective promotional contact strategies

Effective contact strategies are important in an age where online communication is prevalent.

To make more personalized promotions, many firms are narrowcasting by creating smaller, more targeted promotions. They are also aligning their thinking in terms of a campaign, uniting all their messaging and correspondence to ensure it is clear and consistent in the marketplace.

To maintain that vital connection with prospective and existing clients, creative design that forms an alliance between print and web design make many notable occasions worthy of a promotional message for businesses of all sizes, from moving announcements, anniversary celebrations, and holiday greetings to the announcement of awards and achievements and the addition of new staff members.

Whether a company is new and embarking on a launch or a pair of seasoned professionals such of Chris & Lisa who were in the midst of their rebranding and promotional effort, securing a prominent market position is challenging. It requires research, evaluation, planning, and commitment in order to make the desired gains.

But for those firms who are willing to venture out with a unique voice and vision, it can be an empowering experience.

Want to successfully stand out in the marketplace? We can help you with that.

If you are finding yourself getting caught up in the day-to-day so much that you’re losing sight of what is important, MagentaDot Brands have the ability to work with you on the design of a pragmatic creative path to your successfully stand out in the marketplace.

At MagentaDot brands I am always striving to produce the best advertising, graphic design, websites, photographs and conceptual collateral pieces money can buy. And these days I’m well aware you want your communications to work hard. So to see more proof have look around, or just call me at; +64 21 067 6176. Or email hello@magentadotbrands.com

Two dozen Primary school children in clown costumes are happy customers.

Satisfied customers never looked happier than those of Sillicon Planet’s!


Printer: Colour Digital Printing (CDP)
Design firm:
 Surface Active Graphic Design
Copywriter: Chrissie Terpstra
Designer: Shaun Waugh & Chrissie Terpstra
Font credits: Giddyup, Allise, Flora, various
Costume design: Carrot & Pickle costumes co-designed stitched by Chrissie Terpstra

©magentadot brands

1988–2002 Surface Active, Advertising and promotional, Arts & Entertainment, Copywriting, Digital illustration, Education, Illustration, Media, entertainment & sports, Performing arts, Photoshop compositing, Print production

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