Windsor Urban brand use document cover

Setting brand standards that people will follow

WindsorUrban symbol and type logo greyscale iconThe brand use manual or corporate identity guide ensures the new WindsorUrban logo is applied correctly in every application where WindsorUrban is identified. The purpose of the brand manual is to enable and regulate a uniformity in the firm’s visual image. WindsorUrban aims to design and manufacture the “go to” product and service offering within their market niche, the brand that their customers think of first when they want urban furniture and street lighting. The guide’s basic job is to teach everyone who uses it, what the brand is and how to effectively implement it.

The things the WindsorUrban brand use guide includes:

  • An overview of the brand, including the history, personality and vision of the firm
  • Logo specifications and set of usage examples
  • The Typography / font palette
  • The colour palette, primary colour palette and secondary
  • Business stationery, letterhead and business card design specifications
  • Stationery specifications, Word document templates specifications
  • Image use specifications, including photography style
  • Apparel guidelines
  • Specifications for signage layouts for outdoor and indoor signage
  • Design layouts for product badging
  • Visual examples to support each rule (with examples of proper and improper use provided for clarity)

The combination of the logo symbol, visual system (typeface, colours, layout, imagery), and editorial tone has worked together on the catalogue website and in print publications to form a unique and cohesive message for the company.


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