TruLine Capabilities Profile document, Pavement Construction front cover.

Resource documents produced to convey TruLine’s track record in terms of specialist skills, resources and leading edge technologies

To formulate impressive documentation for Tru-Line Civil within tight timeframes a collection of resource documents has been developed to compliment the Case Studies. They are created using a custom Word document template and included with TruLine’s tender bid documents as required, along with relevant case study documents and key personnel CVs.

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Capabilities Profile documents are a category of documents developed with TruLine which focus on the theme of the firm’s specialist areas of expertise, extensive experience and specialist plant. They encompass a precis of the knowledge and experience of operators, site managers and the management team as well as descriptions of the standard operating procedures, tables and/or specification sheets for relevant plant and resources owned by TruLine Civil. To date two documents covering two related “Trenchless Technologies” have been produced, one covers Horizontal Drilling and Hydro-Excavation, while the second covers Pavement resurfacing and Construction. Both of those documents are featured in this portfolio.

TruLine Capabilities Profile document, Horizontal Directional Drilling Methodology 9 page montage.

This montage shows a set of sample pages from the custom Word template document created for TruLine’s Capabilites Profiles. The high quality images of the TruLine’s methodologies and resources were sourced from the extensive library of photographs I have shot for them since 2008.

Two minute Hydro-Excavation methodology video

In support of the Trenchless Technologies print documents and the Case Studies section of the TruLine Civil website I was also commissioned to shoot and edit a two minute video clip of the resources and methods used for Hydo-Excavation in Christchurch city when installing the ultra-fast fibre network to businesses downtown.

Practical and cost effective work methods using state-of-the-art plant

TruLine have built their business on being trustworthy contractors with a solid base of repeat clients. These documents record how they have a pattern of working closely with their clients to develop practical and cost effective methodologies for each contract.


Videography: Thomas Rands / Shaun Waugh

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