ContainerWaste is a very successful independently owned residential and commercial waste management company based in Amberley, North Canterbury. The firm is an expert in carting waste to landfills in a range of bins and containers that they deliver to clients’ sites. As part of the rebrand Identity Signs approached me to design a responsive website that communicated Container Waste’s all-in-one fast service with the least effort from the site user.

ContainerWaste owner Darryn Harris observed that their legacy website urgently needed to be redesigned as a responsive site. In response to intense competition in the sector as a consequence of the post-quake rebuild it became of utmost importance for their customers that the new site make the process of Skip hire very easy online, especially from a mobile phone. In other words the redesigned website had to result in a measurable increase in residential and commercial Skip hire as well as consolidate and grow their commercial waste management market share.

In a collaboration between Paul Walters of Identity Signs, Michael Marneros of NuWeb and myself the mechanics of a “Hire a Skip” web-app was developed which I designed the user interface for.

I put a lot of research and reflection into writing the copy for the site and developing the series of Marketing Communications adverts in the page head slider. The site photos were shot by Paul Walters, while I took care of the colour correction, image editing and the clear-cut photo composites that are key to the site’s uncluttered, clean look and feel.

The project was completed by my populating the redesigned website. The new responsive site has effectively improved the quality and quantity of their interactions with their clients. If you think a responsive website redesign might be a good strategy for your firm contact me here.



Client: Identity Signs
Stakeholder: Container Waste
Web Design firm: MagentaDot Brands
Back-end support: nuweb designs

©magentadot brands

2009–Present MagentaDot Brands, Container Waste, Copywriting, Digital illustration, Identity Signs, Waste Management, Web content management, Web design, Website

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