Bluff Hill, Bluff HIll Climb, Kevin Kinghan, Motupohue, New Zealand, NZ Hill Climb Champs, Rider 222, Suzuki GS1000S 1085

The bikes that made their way to the track up Bluff Hill in the Pre ‘82 class at the 2015 Bluff Promotions NZ Hill Climb Champs were a diverse range of machines, from hot street bikes to high performance sidecars, while the intrepid riders hailed from Invercargill to Waihi, Timaru, Greymouth, Geraldine, Richmond and Pahiatua to participate in this thrilling event that kicked off the 2015 Burt Munro Challenge. The Post Classic Pre ‘82 class are motorcycles built or manufactured between 1st November 1972 and 31st December 1982.


Map of the Bluff Hill course that flags the 3 scenic vantage points from where the photos in the gallery were shot,

Bluff Promotioins NZ Hill Climb Champs 2015

This gallery contains start-to-finish sequences of shots of all the riders in Post Classic Pre ’82 Class from three vantage points, ascending Flagstaff Road, Bluff Hill.

# Name Make & Model
018 Kevin Ryan 1966 Triumph Bonneville 800
024 Chris McMeeken 1979 Suzuki GS 1000<
071 Anthony Tutty 1981 Suzuki GSR 1100
082z Randal Scott 1982 Suzuki RM 250
099 Brian Stephens 1981 Suzuki GSX 110
222 Kevin Kinghan 1978 Suzuki GS1000S 1085
242 John Blaymires 1975 Motoguzzi Le Mans Sidecar 950
480 Gordon Beeby 1982 Honda CR 480


Project name: Burt Munro Challenge 2015 – documentary portfolio
Client (Industry):
 Velocette Racing New Zealand (Classic Motorcycle racing)
Discipline: Action and Documentary photography / Infographics  / Copywriting / Web content management
Format: Photography galleries / Website
Location: Bluff Hill, Southland, New Zealand
Date: Thursday, 26 November 2015


Design firm: MagentaDot Brands
Photographer, Desktop publishing: Shaun Waugh
Client: Phil PriceVelocette Racing New Zealand / MagentaDot Brands


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