Nick Thomson, Eldee T.T., lightweight, Velocette special, side elevation, starboard side, petrol tank, new Eldee Velocette badge, carbon fibre petrol tank and fairing, rider, Bill Swallow, flying swallow mark, publicity photo, photographer, Shaun Waugh, MagentaDot Brands

Before and after gallery of the equipped and race-ready Velocette special Eldee-2. These publicity photos were shot for the launch announcement and publicity purposes.

The slideshow documents the transformation from the 1950s Les Diener Eldee-2 to 2014 Nick Thomson Velocette Eldee-2 carbon fibre racing machine representing New Zealand at the Isle of Man Classic T.T., August 2014, ridded by Bill Swallow.

Eldee Velocette, front three-quarter, poster, A2, portrait, Craftsmanship

Eldee-2 Craftsmanship A2 Poster. One of a series of publicity posters designed using the publicity photos. Bike automotive engineering Nick Thomson, carbon fiber faring, seat and tank by Phil Price sculpture, “Race ready” livery photoa and publicity poster design by MagentaDot Brands.

The name ‘Eldee’ is the eponymous name that gifted Australian engineer and champion racer Les Diener (L.D.) dubbed this ‘lightweight special Velocette’ when he home-brewed this pioneering overhead-camshaft racing bike in Australia in the 50s.

July 31, 2014, Christchurch, New Zealand:
The V.R.N.Z team is proud to announce the launch of the new Nick Thomson DOHC, Dual Ignition Velocette ‘Eldee-2’, the 250cc lightweight special is equipped and ready for the Isle of Man Classic T.T., August 2014. Our rider, multiple Manx Grand Prix race winner Bill Swallow, will be competing for the new 250cc class Phil Read Trophy (the new Phil Read Trophy, will go to the first 250cc machine in the Monday’s Okells 350cc Classic TT Race). Bill Swallow is to ride the Eldee Special in the Junior Classic, 25th August.

Eldee Velocette classic racing motorcycle, Isle of Man Classic TT 2014, ClassicRacer Magazine, half page horizontal colour advertisement. Advertising design, copywriting, photography.

ClassicRacer Magazine, VRNZ half-page horizontal colour advert featuring the Eldee-2 classic racing machine in its sporting new race-ready livery. Livery, poster and logos by MagentaDot Brands.


Project name: Eldee Velocette launch / publicity photos
Client (Industry): Velocette Racing New Zealand (Classic motorsport)
Disciplines: Copywriting / Digital Illustration / Photography / Promotional design and advertising / Vehicle livery / Web design
Format: Announcement / Corporate communication  / Digital Illustration / Information graphic / Social media / T-shirt / Website
Date: 2014


Design firm: MagentaDot Brands
Copywriter: Shaun Waugh
Art direction / graphic design / photography: Shaun Waugh
Font credits: Helvetica Inserat (racing numerals and decals on bike)


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