EMG Events Management Group was a Christchurch firm established to support the performing arts and project manage the creation and development of large and small scale events such as outdoor theatre for the city council’s parks & recreation department, conferences, conventions and bespoke corporate events such as product launches and fundraisers.

Senior leaders in the firm were particularly keen on ensuring the logo design and branding positioned them well in the corporate market.

Events Management Group stationery and promotional items.

At the core of the EMG identity system was offset printed blank stationery, letterhead and follow-up page sheets, custom embossed cover sheet and document section dividers. A set of custom designed Word template documents, letterhead, tender bid style quotation document, completed the package. These were bespoke edited by the client as required and desktop published in-house to their in-house office black and white laser printer.

The design was inspired by the constraint of needing to present as formal, business-like and well organised yet at the same time reflect the forward thinking and creative flair their senior leaders and entrepreneurs bring to their mission of planning and running unforgettable events.

Also weighing into the final design was the brief the organisation was to be branded with their formal name and with the acronym spun off that, EMG. The EMG acronym is not descriptive of the business and possesses no imagery or benefit-oriented language in and of itself. This lead to the solution where the typographic “capital E” monogram embodies a descriptive symbolic representation of the idea of performance and events. The neutral, “corporate” character of EMG’s branding was intended to act as a complimentary framework to the theatrical, large individual visual statements of promotional materials enclosed in their project tender bids. The sorts of publicity material that was associated with the sorts of performing artists often hired to populate the events that EMG staged.

From startup the process of EMG’s brand development formed an alliance with their business development.


Printer: Clarity Press
Design firm:
 SurfaceActive Graphic Design
Art director / designer / print production: Shaun Waugh
Client: Events Management Group / Trudy Urlwin
Type Credit: Univers

©magentadot brands

1988–2002 Surface Active, Arts & Entertainment, Corporate communications, Events Management Group, Logos and symbols, Media, entertainment & sports, Microsoft Office template, Print production, Stationery

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