Pomeroy’s staff group photo. Halloween Party 2008.

Pomeroy’s, that pit of petrifying pestilence! Be afraid—be very afraid!


Galleries of good social event photography should be an energetic expression of the real event, which was such a great time. The photos need to do justice to it by conveying all of the paranormal pestilence and deadly energy of the night, and the sense of place, a Halloween Party in Christchurch’s favourite old English pub.

Pomeroys Halloween Party invitation 2008. Be afraid—be very afraid! Pomeroy’s Petrifying Halloween Party. Friday 31 October.

Invitation advertisement placed in The Pomeroy’s Press in June. Response to the ad and in-house promotional posters was fantastic.

As a visual communicator behind a camera, you want to convey the substance of the Halloween event as well as it’s light-hearted and mischievous tone.

First Annual Pomeroy’s Halloween Party 2008 Highlights

Date: 2008
Client: Pomeroy’s Old Brewery Inn
Photographer: Shaun Waugh

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