Pomeroys Old Brewery Inn.

This sign graphics portfolio is a selection of graphic signage and wayfinding projects. Signs attract with their graphical imagery while presenting eye-catching looks and content that fits with the overall brand expression.

The visual representation of companies and organisations and their corporate identity systems—whether for interior retail displays, or exterior wayfinding, promotions or vehicle graphic artworks on-the-move—this is always one of the important components in the overall marketing communications mix. This presentation of beautifully designed signs, posters, billboards and murals shows how sign graphics are a key component for every brand to have a powerful visual presence makes a strong first impression and is memorable.

We are visually surrounded by signs, cut vinyls, banners, billboards, murals and digital signage screens, it is the role of good graphic design to ensure our client’s “brand signal” is perceived clearly through this background noise.

For MagentaDot Brands the responsibility of designing attractive and useful signage is never a matter of slapping together an expedient bridge between our client’s brands and their market or audiences, the aim is always to make the experience of crossing that bridge a rewarding one. Just as colour is its own reward, that is what unites the sign design projects presented in this portfolio.

This portfolio features;

  • Tru Line Civil signage system 2014
  • Velocette Racing New Zealand’s Eldee Velocette race ready and equipped for the 2014 Classic Isle of Man T.T.
  • Spunlite Poles pull-up display 2014
  • Superior Hummer Limousines super-stretch Hummer limo livery, 2012
  • Pomeroys Boutique Accommodation one-of-a-kind 3D sign, two-sided exterior street sign, 2009.
  • Pomeroys Boutique Accommodation multi-level cast bronze building plaque, 2009.
  • The Herb Centre building signage & mural.The upgrade carried out by the Carl Pavletich in 2008 in a joint venture collaboration with the client, the new colour story and other innovations retain many core elements of the 2000 rebrand by Surface Active
  • Beautiful Brides of Hope, various signage, 2004.
  • Winniebagoes House (Old Winniebagoes, demolished 2011) feature signage and building directory, 2003.
  • Winniebagoes restaurant Gloucester Street, street-side front window branding on glass, 2003.

Selected project credits

Tru Line Civil

Client: Tru-Line Civil
Design, project supervision: MagentaDot Brands
Signwriter: Leeding Signs (Darren Leeds)

Winniebagoes House (Old Winnies, demolished 2011)

Client: Winniebagoes House, Winniebagoes
Designer (design firm): Shaun Waugh (tattoo)
Signwriter: Sign Advertising

Winniebagoes restaurant

Client: Winniebagoes
Designer (design firm): Shaun Waugh (tattoo)
Signwriter: Sign Advertising (Glen Lilley)

Pomeroys Boutique Accommodation

Client: Pomeroys
Designer (design firm): Shaun Waugh (Pionair Propellor in-house studio)
Signwriter: Art Fétiche (Brent Brownlee)

The Herb Centre

Client: The Herb Centre
Design studio:
 Surface Active Graphics
Signage, building exterior: Carl Pavletic / Herb Centre collab.


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