Entering the 5m entry pit, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Tru-Line Civil, documentary photography, Parklands West, Christchurch, New Zealand, Gravity Wastewater Replacement, HDD

TruLine_Civil_logo_radiused_256pxContinuing the ongoing project to photograph TruLine Civil’s range of work methodologies and then follow through by writing them up as Case Studies on their website. I was contracted to document the span of a day on location in Akaroa. The brief is to record a fine-grained record of TLC’s capability in the relatively new Civil Engineering field of “Trenchless Technology”, in this case specifically Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD). This fast and highly accurate “Horizontal Infrastructure” laying technique is achieved by way of a synchronised deployment of highly skilled and experienced operators, high tech machinery and tight coordination between the project team members. From skilled labourers and drivers up the chain to the site engineer—close communication is maintained between the project team members via modern telecommunications.

The brief was to document the highly accurate and technically difficult drilling required to install new Parklands West Area Infrastructure Gravity Wastewater line at over 4m depth in very challenging, “running sand” or water saturated sandy ground, and all achieved within 2m of an existing, “pumping” half metre diameter wastewater pipeline from the Belfast Freezing Work. I used the novel approach with this case study of interviewing the site foreman as he walked me around the job site and explained the HDD project in overview, and the specific characteristics of the sub-task I was there to photograph.

Client: TruLine
Photographer: Shaun Waugh

©magentadot brands


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