Terranova tiling website Laptop mockup of a cascade of 5 pages with the Homepage at the top of the stack.

An artisan tiler’s works: Terranova’s portfolio website

Terranova Tiling is a firm of tile installation craftsmen headed by master tiler Camillo Schulz. Camillo was trained and worked in Germany for ten years before emigrating to New Zealand in 2001. Terranova traces its history back to 2003.

I designed the Terranova logo and a business card for Camillo when he launched the firm in 2003 and designed their brand new website (along with back-end assistance from NuWeb) in 2015. During the briefing of the website Camillo paid me the professional compliment that the Terranova logo design was perfect as it was, and that feedback from his customers and business associates assured him branding remained as contemporary today as when it was first designed.

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Velos at the Burt 2015: Megaphones on Bluff Hill

Velocette Racing New Zealand organisation logo. Classic racing motorcycle enthusiasts organisation brand. ‘Coca-Cola’ style sloped and looped copperplate lettering in metallic gold on a black background, consistent with the historic livery of Velocette motorcycles. Brands for New Zealand / International organisations.This post and the following 5 contain galleries that cover the motorcycle racing for the Classic Pre ‘63 class which are largely ‘girder forks’ motorcycles, that merge with telescopic forks machines from the mid 50s through to ‘63. The girder forks racing machines from the 30s and 40s are rare birds, highly prized hard-out competitors at the 10th Anniversary Burt 2015.

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Mingha Bluff culvert install 4

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Installing the precast box culvert

Tru-Line Civil Logo. Brands for New Zealand companies, Greymouth, New Zealand.The 1.5m box culvert sections were crane lifted in and laid on the compacted granular backfill to the precise, g.p.s. specified line and laser-proven grade and depth. The bedding design for the box culvert was designed by the Opus Engineer who is knowledgeable about the Arthur’s Pass ground conditions which thereby ensured a successful installation.
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