Poster Mr Fungus International Comic Mime

A poster for New Zealand‘s loudest mime

After training in London at the Desmond Jones School of Mime and earning a living on the competitive streets of Covent Garden and at various international busking festivals, at age 25 Fergus returned to New Zealand to work full time as an entertainer. He needed a logo and self-promotional publicity kit to enable him to market himself and provide to talent agencies. This poster is a photo montage produced using old school paste up and photolitho methods. Inverting the chair handstand ‘fungustic slaprobatic’ trick into a free-falling Mr Fungus was to play with the audience with a sort of Irish parachute sight gag, and making a poster that could be hung “correctly” upside down and still not make sense.

Poster: Mr Fungus International Comic Mime

Client: Mr Fungus (alias Fergus Aitken), 1991

Two colours, black and blue (Pantone 279)

319 x 634mm

Poster Mr Fungus International Comic Mime

A poster for New Zealand’s loudest mime makes as much sense upside down.

©magentadot brands

1988–2002 Surface Active, Advertising and promotional, Arts & Entertainment, Collage, Illustration, Mr Fungus, People, Performing arts, Posters, Print production

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