Hampton Downs Summer Classic racing 2015

You would have to say the main focus of the Hampton Downs Summer Classic weekend for VRNZ was the Eldee and the opportunity, with Bill Swallow being out here from the U.K., for him to ride the Eldee Velocette for the first time post the Junior Manx Classic race at the IOM TT in August 2014.

Some significant engine modifications have been done since then including the new cams (which Nick Thompson described in his journal of the event). They were given a careful going over and we were keen to relate back Bill’s new engine lap times this year to Chris Swallow’s lap timesheets last year with the old engine running on methanol which had been such a great success.

Hampton Downs is a fast circuit so Chris’ quick times last year were the basis for encouraging us to consider competing in last year’s 250cc ‘Phil Read’ Classic TT trophy. The new Nick Thompson Eldee-2 engine of course is running on petrol which is altogether a more challenging prospect to tune as a small engine.
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